Wearing a pump

I just got the One Touch Ping pump. I have been doing injections for a couple of years but because of my hectic lifestyle I opted for the pump. Can anyone tell me does it take getting used to are there any restrictions on clothing or anything. I haven’t started it yet but will in a couple of weeks. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

I usually clip it to my pants pocket, or put it in the pocket. We’ve had several discussions here - here’s one - just go to Insulin Pumpers forum and search the discussions. Somewhere Manny has a picture of his sleeping shorts with special pump pocket!

Kristin has a picture of her MP3 player holder that she uses.

Tom: The “getting used to” was very quick in my case. I usually clip it on my belt. I have also had holes cut into my pants pockets to let me keep it in my pocket. Sleeping is the only time that it is ever an issue, but mostly I just clip it on to my waist band in the back, so the pump does not get in the way when I turn over. It very rapidly becomes totally second nature. In two weeks, you will forget what it was like not to have had it.

There is only one major thing to watch out for. Door knobs, sometimes the tubing will hang out and you will walk by a door knob and it will get caught. It hurts like hell, doing it once is all it takes to pay attention!! I have done it twice in 2 years.

As far as sleeping and exercising it is a non issue. I clip my pump to my shorts that I wear to bed. I sleep very soundly so I tend to sleep right on top of my pump with zero problems. I wouldn’t buy any special clothing until after you have worn it and know exactly what it is that bothers you and how clothing might correct the problem. You will save money and energy. Once you have worn your pump for a month you may forget that you are even wearing one. I often forget unless I am eating a lot!!

Good luck-

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback!!

When I worked in an office, I had a nice leather wrap around case that went on my belt. It is very low profile and didn’t look too much out of the norm. Especially with all the contraptions people have on their belts these days. For casual, I just drop it in my pocket.

At bedtime I just wear shorts or pajama pants with pockets. Many times I will wake up and the pump is on the bed, but no worries.

@David - I have “found” a couple door knobs over the few years… Scares the crap out of me.


You will love it. I started pumping in June 2008 and wish I would have made that decision 20 years ago (although the pumps weren’t as small 20 years ago!).

I have three children (8, 5, 3) and one of the biggest issues that took a couple of days getting used to with them is making sure they don’t rip out the infusion set when climbing up on my lap or when we are rough-housing. They all know now to watch out for daddy’s pump and it really isn’t a problem.

As for sleeping with it, I’d agree with all of the others. Clip it on your boxers, put it in pocket of your PJ’s or even if you happen to sleep in the buff, just throw it in bed with you and it will stay with you all night long.

Good luck!

I also just clip my pump to my pocket, or put it inside. I have had a couple problems while sleeping before. It never gets in the way, and at some point I end up sleeping on my pump; rare occassion though. But I am a crazy sleeper and a few times my infusion site has ripped out, and I woke up with high blood sugars. Other than that I have no problems!

Hi Tom,
I have the same pump and, like the majority of pump users, I too clip it to my pocket. The only draw back is that it tends to slip off every now and then when I’m wearing dress pants. If I’m wearing a pair of pants that have particularly slippery pockets (satin lined) I simply clip the pump between my pants/belt and my hip. I generally tuck the pump in instead of having it hang out to avoid hitting it against something.
Hope this helps and welcome to pumping!