Pump stories and suggestions welcome

My name is Tracy and I’m new to tudiabetes, but am looking for some input.

I am currently trying to decide which features of the different pumps may work best for my current diabetes needs. This month, it has been two full years since I decided to take a pump break and have been back on MDI. It was the right decision for me, at the time, and I know going back on a pump is right for me now. However, I have no clue which pump would work best for me currently.

I was diagnosed with type 1, 10 1/2 years and after a year of adjusting and using MDI began to pump with a Medtronic paradigm. I loved that pumping experience, but I look back wondering how much of that love was the new freedom it allowed me, which as a college freshman was central to my lifestyle. During that warranty, I upgraded to the Revel and tried out the CGM. I did not like the CGM at all, I think I lasted 2-3 months before I gave up on it. So, when that warranty ended I opted to switch to the Animas OneTouch Ping. I like it, at first, but missed a certain quality of my Medtronic experience. After a little over 3 years of the 4 year warranty passed, I decided to take a pump break to see if it would help some of my feelings of eh about that pump experience. Two main reasons for my break, not related directly to the specific pump, was that I wanted the freedom to wear what I wanted without planning pockets and I was sick of catching my tubing on things or yanking it out. That break extended from the planned 3 months to the current 2 years.

Last spring, I ended up in the hospital for the first time since my dx with a DKA. Mostly related to burnout, poor consistency with insulin doses, and issues with various prescriptions and insurance coverage. I would purposely test less because I was running low on strips and was anxious about the coverage for my next shipment. After switching my endocrinologist and clinic, I was able to take a proactive stance once again. Last September, I started using the Dexcom G5 alongside my MDI and have seen great improvements, but I still feel the lack of consistency and fine-tooth management that a pump can provide, which leaves me where I am today.

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with a CDE at my clinic to discuss pump options and get the insurance ball rolling.

Currently, I am considering the Omnipod for the sake of avoid tubing issues, the Medtronic 630g for the sake of returning to a company I had a good experience with, and the Tandem tslim X2 for multiple features including the future connectivity with my G5. If anyone has any stories or suggestions related to these pumps, I would love to hear them.

I’m a big fan of the Omnipod. It’s small, unobtrusive, you can stick it pretty much anywhere, making site rotation easy, and pretty indestructible. The downside is the archaic PDM, which reminds me of my very first Blackberry from over 10 years ago. One day when it connects to my G5 in a closed loop via my iPhone (FDA permitting…) it will be the perfect solution for me. Until then, it’s pretty good.

I only have experience of medtronic and so far happy with it, currently using minimed 640g which has low glucose auto suspend function which I find helps avoid not all, but a lot of lows. I use enlite sensors with it and haven’t had issue with them other than being allergic to the adhesives that come with them so just use tagaderm instead to keep secure. Best of luck whatever you go for. Don’t know where you live but I understand that in the US you can get into some kind of priority access programme for the 670g when it is released if you buy the 630g. That would be of interest to me if I had the freedom to choose a pump and lived in the US but that is not the case for me.

I’m sure you’ll get some good feedback on this thread, but also use the search function liberally on this site, there is a LOT of great information in previous posts. Your use of a cgm with the desire to learn your options and maintain good control suggests you will do great. Welcome and good luck!

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I agree with @Christopher5: if you desire freedom from tubes, Omnipod is the way to go. I’ve used three tubed pumps since 1980, and it was the tubing that always made me insane. After 12 years on MDI, I knew I needed to pump again for the level of control I want, so the Omnipod was the only option. Now into my fourth month, and I absolutely love it.

Most of the time you’ll never know it’s there, unlike a pump on your belt or in a pocket or some kind of strap thing. I try not to sleep directly on it, just because it doesn’t sound like a good idea, but whenever I wake up and find I’ve been lying on it, it clearly hasn’t been a problem. I like that the pod inserts the cannula itself once you’ve applied it. I’ve put pods on my abdomen (of course), backs of my arms (surprisingly comfortable), and on my thighs. Having had some tissue problems because of years ago trying to extend insertion sites to save money, I appreciate that you have to change the pod every three days. And I like that it’s waterproof, so you can shower, bath or swim without having to worry about how much to bolus before disconnecting, or where to put your pump.

Drawbacks: If you have an uncomfortable site, you have to remove your pod and apply a new one, which hurts when they’re considerably more expensive than a new tube set. (However, you can withdraw and reuse the insulin, which you’re not supposed to but I haven’t found it to be a problem.) The PDM is clunky, but I don’t need to carry it with me all the time so that’s not a big problem for me. The PDM also has a few nuisance features, such as having to confirm who you are whenever the screen sleeps, which means confirming about three times during a pod change. I’ve only needed Customer Support once, and they were very helpful.

I don’t know about other pumps, but you can try out the Omnipod for three months, full refund if you don’t like it.

Sounds like you have the motivation, which is half the battle!

Hi. I am new to pumping (2 months) but i figured i’d chime in on the tandem t slim x2. I love it! I find it very easy to use & i like the features. I selected it without much research when i saw it at a trade show, and the biggest draw for me was the Dexcom G5 integration, which will not cost me anything. The insulin on board feature is great & i remember last yr when first diagnosed T1, wondering whether i could keep throwing insulin at a high BG. This pump won’t let you. It basically has saved me from impatience & inexperience.

Just found out my (crappy) new FL Blue will not cover Dex or pump supplies until i meet a $3,500 deductible. I will beg, borrow or steal (j/k) the funds to not go back on injections :sunglasses:. After a bunch of rsch, it looks like i will have great flexibility on infusion sets as long as they have the luer lock. That’s a thread i will post this weekend before i buy anything :wink:

The reports feature is very useful and easy to use, so in all aspects, it’s a great experience for me. I hope this helps. Good luck!!