Pump suipply case

doesanyone know where to get a Animas Ping pump supply case that doesnt costs soo much?

ive been looking,but not many available,need one to fitin my purse for supplies when i am out?

I keep my extra supplies in a long, skinny, cloth zipper pencil case. It has a cartridge, infusion set, a few alcohol swabs, an extra battery for the pump, two batteries for the remote, a few lancets, a syringe, and a bottle of insulin. I keep my Ping remote, strips, and a lancing device in my wristlet along with my money, ID, and crdit card. Both things fit in my purse. Then, loose in my purse is a tube of glucose tabs, and a glucagon kit. The pencil case is cheap, and you could easily get a bigger one if you want to hold onto more stuff - mine was just one that I used to keep actual pencils in. Personally, I like repurposing other bags and pouches rather than waste money buying anything made to be a diabetes supply holder.

ooooooo…thanks Clumseychemist! great idea! i get that instead ill get a pencil case in pink to match my pump! how long pumping? ive been pumping only a month…

When I went out of town recently, Mary Ann, I used a cosmetic bag for an extra set change (cartridge, infusion set, swabs). I used my Frio for a pen and bottle of insulin. I don’t bother carrying those things with me on a daily basis because I’m never gone for more than a couple hours. I do keep extra batteries in my meter case because I know I could need them anywhere anytime and the meter is always with me (with of course a lancing device and strips) I always carry a tube of glucose tabs in my purse.

cosmetic bag,another great idea! has to be in pink though!

I’ve been using a Dia Pack Deluxe: http://www.amazon.com/Dia-Pak-Deluxe-Color-Black/dp/B00076AKJ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1297820901&sr=8-1

It’s designed with shots in mind, but here’s what I can fit by using the pockets in a creative way:
The meter remote
A lancing device
2 infusion sets
2 bottles of insulin
2 cartridges
2 bottles of test strips
A glucagon kit
4 batteries
Log book
A pen
Spare battery cap
Spare cartridge cap
Alcohol and IV prep wipes
Band aids

I haven’t figured out a way to fit glucose tabs and bottled keytone strips, but I don’t mind carrying those in my main purse.

The funny thing is that I used this case before I started on the pump in December, and at first I didn’t think it was going to work for all the new supplies. I wound up doing a lot of research on the available cases before I realized that I already had what I needed!

If you give me a few minutes, I’ll post links to what I found. I obviously can’t vouch for all of the products, but hopefully the list will be helpful to you or someone else.

Here are links to some products I found while I was trying to figure out how to carry my supplies. The first three companies on the list offer discounts to TuDiabetes members. You can visit http://www.tudiabetes.org/notes/Discounts for details on that.

Mostly pump cases for kids but they may have something you like, depending on what you’re looking for: http://www.pumpwearinc.com/pumpshop/
Pretty but expensive: http://www.reddlabel.com/
This looks useful, but huge! I wish the photos were better: https://estore.animascorp.com/ProductDetail.aspx?groupid=140&topcategoryid=5&subcategoryid=15

Non-diabetes bags and cases:

Mary Ann,

I worked as a paramedic and use a RIPOFF Velcro closure case - a co25. Try this website:


and search for the co25. It is a great case with a metal belt clip - no leather to fray.

A ping pump will fit in one. I wear two. My Dexcom is in the other.

The only thing I have in my pump e-kit you did not list is a flashlight (“torch” for the folks in the UK, etc.). If you drop your lancing device nose cone on the floor in a restaurant, the flashlight is a blessing.

I have found Ketone strips in individual foil packages (NDC 0193-2640-20) for the Bayer brand number 2640. It is 20 strips. The strips are good for about two years unopened.

As far as glucose tabs are concerned, try SWEET TARTS. I get the roll that is about 6 inches long and has 27 tablets. I cut the rolls in thirds - 9 tablets - and leave them in the foil roll. I keep three in a zip lock sandwich bag in my e-kit.

Hope this helps all.

I’ve been pumping for 8ish years…however, I only recently decided to be responsible and carry around all of my necessary extra supplies. Being a poor graduate student has forced me to be thrifty with my pump accessories, hence the pencil case :wink: Plus, I figure I spend so much money on D, why dish out the $30 for a bag (not unlike the $5 pencil case) that is made for the pump? And my pencil case is green with cute, retro owls printed on the side. Have fun picking out something pink!

Oh, that will be the next brand of ketone strips I look for, Jay. I bought them for the first time since I’ve started on the pump and was dismayed to realize the 50 in the box were only good for two months. In a month I’ve only used two and those were “just to make sure”, but not even really warrented tests! I’ll look for the individually wrapped ones.

If you’re looking for “accessories” Mary Ann, you must be doing well on your pump. Glad to hear it! (Mary Ann is my pump twin, started within a couple days of each other I believe)

well im doing ok the endo put me on a CGM for a few days to adjust the basal settings…i guess ive resigned myself to the pump…


Welcome to PUMP WORLD. DO NOT BE over whelmed by the data a CGM gives. It is almost TOO MUCH INFO until you get used to it. Only problem I have seen is the random variables. If I did nothing and ate the same thing day after day by the clock, my CGM would still show different curves for different days depending on my emotions etc.

Glad to hear it, Mary Ann, though resigned isn’t a terribly strong word…lol. I feel like I’m still tweaking numbers, probably doing it slower than needed. I think when you get used to pump numbers you forget how very little .025 actually is (like raising some of my basal times from .500 to .525), but I can actually see each step difference! With MDI’s I would go up 1 unit for highs, then up another and then I’d be low…very frustrating.

Hope you are seeing less lows.

Thanks, Jay! I knew about individually wrapped strips, but didn’t feel particularly motivated about tracking them down. Since I’m in no hurry to purchase the strips OTC, I’ll have my endocrinologist write that into my prescription the next time I see her.

I like using glucose tabs because I find them to be very predictable, but as you may have guessed, I’m interested in fitting everything I need into one place. I’ve been thinking of continuing to carry my glucose tabs separately, but also including gel with my kit. I’m not a fan of the taste by any means, but my friends and coworkers know to look in my kit in emergency situations. If I were unable to help myself during a low, a gel is exactly what I’d want them to find.

I use an Uchi make-up bag which I got on sale. It’s red & white polka dots which matches all my other red and white stuff in my handbag.

On one side I have the meter, lancing device and test strips. The other side I have a glucagon kit, two types of glucose, a battery, a pen, insulin and a syringe, Rescue Remedy, hay fever nasal spray, some Nurofen (for headaches) and some bandaids. I’m amazed that it all fits, but it does. I don’t carry an infusion set and filler because I’m rarely more than an hour from home. If I do have to carry it, I’ll do that in an Uchi pencil case (matching, of course). I got my Uchi stuff off eBay. I just hung around on there until someone listed the one I wanted at the price I wanted to pay.

Then again, my husband often ends up carrying my handbag because he says it weighs a ton, and because he’s a gentleman!

Diary, journal and pens, phone, iPad, huge wallet, keys, makeup bag, mints, Equal tabs, hand sanitiser, my business cards, sunglasses, reading glasses, and sometimes an umbrella, and more.

I recently bought one of those bag organiser inserts, which is great, but yeah, my bag weighs a ton, but at least my D stuff is all in one place. When you’re having a hypo, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find some glucose in a bottomless, dark handbag with shaky hands and a brain that won’t function. LOL

A dentist friend of mine and I were discussing her preparations for dental office emergencies and she uses small tubes of cake icing for oral treatment of hypoglycemia. CAKE ICING - Yes, she said, it has the number of ounces in the tube on the outside and it is cheaper than something from a drug company. She was the one who turned me on to Sweet Tarts as well.

I thought I would share the strange genealogy of my Sweet Tart suggestion. <<GRIN>>

Add a flashlight Susi! BTW, have you guys in Queensland dried out yet?

Why not check on Amazon.com or Ebay?