What all supplies do you pump users carry?

I’m starting my pump with insulin on wednesday (YAYYY!!!) and was just wondering what all supplies pump users carry on a regular basis?

Yayy congrats on starting the pump! This is about the time of my one year on the pump & I still love it. It really helps you control your sugars & it is soo much easier when it comes to giving insulin before meals… just click click and you are done, no having to go to the bathroom at a restaurant to give a shot!

As far as carrying supplies with me… I always keep a little kit with an extra battery or two, a cartridge, a few prep swabs, & at least 2 insets in my car at all times. Also this is the amount I take when going somewhere over night. (More for longer stays of course) Just from experience - always have at least TWO insets even if you think you only need one… I don’t know how many times I needed to change it after the 3 days and I messed up putting it on (ruining the inset) and didn’t have a back up! So, lesson learned, always have more supplies on hand than you think you need… that goes for test strips & lancets too… hehe :wink:

Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions!

What pump are you getting? Always keep your meter with you unless you have one integrated in your pump. Keep at least one infusion set with you in case you have a problem and an extra pen or some syringes in case you run into a problem with your pump and need to take insulin

I carry a roll of glucose tablets and my OneTouch UltraLink meter, and that’s all.

Yeah Dave your right! I meant PUMP supplies cause I always carry glucose tablets and my meter. I just didn’t know if its important to carry any pump supplies or not. THANKS everyone!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: I always do carry my meter.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great news John :slight_smile:

I don’t carry anything extra on my person. I always have an extra set or two, batteries within 10 minutes of me. My experience tells me that if I have a problem it is the set not the res. Everything else is 20-40 minutes away or so. If I am leaving town I carry a complete set of supplies almost double what I should need. That all being said I don’t leave the house without checking the amount of insulin left on board and battery life. If I am getting close to needing either I carry extra with.

Here’s what’s in my pump supplies case: extra infusion set, extra IV prep wipe, batteries, and the stupid battery-cover key I need to open the battery compartment (unfortunately, a bent paperclip does not work).

In the summer, I don’t usually carry extra insulin cartridges or insulin vials on a daily basis because I live close enough to work to go get 'em if I need 'em and I don’t want to worry about temperature fluctuations. I do carry those items when I travel.

Here’s what’s in my meter case (a small, colorful wristlet with a zipper that I carry everywhere): meter, strips, lancing device, lancets, glucose tabs. Sometimes I put in tissue, but usually just staunch the fingerprick on whatever’s handy :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new pump!

Thanks everyone. Big dissipointment here… Just found out that my trainer cant’t start me tommorrow after all :frowning: She has to wait till atleast a day after they have some meeting to start letting people go on them again cause the last two people ended up in the hosiptal due to being careless. I’ve already been on saline longer then usual because of this.

I carry an extra infusion set, batteries, and a reservoir along with my diabetic supplies. I take them everywhere with me.

Still maybe it is good they get a little retraining before they teach you. Seems a little odd to me that there are two in the hospital shortly after training.

Dave. Who is this question directed at? If it is at me, the answer to your question is: I have been pumping only since June 8th.

Ok, Dave I have a question about your Sure-T’s. Do you ever have a problem with absorbtion towards the end of of res.? I just switched to MM. I used to be on the cosmo and could use a set for 6 days with no issues. Now with quicksets I am getting about 2-2.5 days before my BG starts going up. I go thru the last 60 units in about 3-6 hours and end up having to switch the set to improve it. It is never becasue of a kink in the line or anything obvious, just like it doesn’t enter the body. I have been pumping about 6 years and have never had this issue. If things don’t improve by the end of this order of supplies I was thinking of switching to Sure-T’s.

Mark: The reason they both were hospitalized is becase one girl didn’t rotate her sites and the other one removed her pump when she got sick!!! Now I pay for their carelesness!!
Dave: I’m pretty annoyyed as you can guess!!! I don’t know if the others read it or not but the good news is I just got it a few days ago and I’m reading it now!!!

Leanna-I am not sure that those issues should have afffected your appointment. Unless they somehow figure they could be at fault. Sorry to hear it is something so silly!

Actually they have affected my appointment because my saline start was longer then it needed to be and now they made the trainer change my appointment to start with insulin to atleast a day after their meeting rather then the same day in case they don’t pass it.

Sorry rereading I wasn’t very clear. I meant that the trainer or traning facility was at fault or thought they were at fault. Sounds like they are just trying to make sure you are safe. Even though it is a pain, to say the least, in the end it might be a good thing. Still, in my mind, they should have stayed late last night or something. Not sure this should have interfered with patient schedules. But, I am not there.

O thats fine :slight_smile: Yeah I’m sure i will be fine, I’m just getting a bit frustrated!!