Pump Supplies Where to get them

I need to order my first set of reorders from Animas, but even though I have insurance the price is unbelievably high. Do you order supplies directly from the company or is there a less expensive way to get them.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Maureen, I get my pump supplies from Medtronic, but then I have a Paradigm pump. I thought you had to get them from your pump supplier, but you could search the internet. Just might find a cheaper price. Who knows? Good Luck!

I have a Medtronic also and get them from Medtronic, but my insurance does have a online supplier they work with called Edgepark. You might check with your insurance and see which online supply place they have a contract with.

Definitely make sure to order new supplies right away(unless they gave you 3 months worth). This will allow your insurance and such to be all worked out, it takes a while the first time.

Medtronic here too. Joslin Center fixed me up with a supplier called Neighborhood Diabetes, so yeah, this seems to be a common model--definitely check into it.

Insurance plans differ of course, but BlueCross/Shield categorizes pump & pump supplies as a prosthetic device, not a pharmaceutical, and that makes all this paraphernalia covered 100%. Oddly, the insulin itself is still a pharmaceutical, so that I have a copay for.

I have Medtronic as well, but I get my from a third party provider names supplies from Diabetes Supply Center of the Midlands: http://www.diabetes-supply.com/

Not sure if it will make a difference, but try contacting them?

I believe it all goes back to your insurance.

Before this company I used to get my supplies through Liberty Medical, I have a bad experience with them and do not advise anyone to go through them. Have you tried communicating with other people from your area? I believe we have a group here for CA?

Good luck