530g pump supply companies

I have been searching for a company that provides the supplies, reservoirs, sensors, etc, can anyone give me some suggestions?

I get all mine from Medtronic Diabetes. I am not sure what you mean by “provides”, the pump durable products for sure are not free and they require a prescription, etc.

is a preferred provider for my insurance. I’ve used them for many years, they work w a lot of different insurances. I used to use MM infusion sets with my pump & got them there. Give them a call, they usually answer the phone right away and whenever I order it only takes a day or two to get the stuff.

My pump is a 530g and I am using the CGM enlisted sensor. Edgepark provided both of these, however when I requested a shipment of the sensors they informed me my insurance won’t cover it! My insurer tells me they will cover it, but edge park filed the original claim, (for the pump, itself and the CGM) wrong. They refuse too resubmit it, saying they filed it correctly, grrrr)
I need to find a new supplier!

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Betty, I would ask your insurer who the preferred provider / supplier for the products you need is and call them. I guess they don’t allow you to order direct from the mfg? That’s too bad because Medtronic does all the work to keep my supplies. Sorry for your trouble with Edgepark, it seems to me that the claim issue is something that needs to be resolved between the provider and the insurance. I hope it gets resolved and your supplies can be ordered. Did you not get a 90 day supply when your pump was approved??

yes use the words “preferred provider” for DME (durable medical equipment, which is how they consider pump supplies)

Liberty Medical has a pump division…and there a approved suppler for BCBS Anthem. They are a little aggressive sometimes but have always saved me money on my pump supply’s.

I. too, have been getting all my pump supplies from Medtronic. They are totally unreliable. Ordering online is completely useless and is disregarded by the company. More than a month after placing an order online, no progress toward filling the order was made. I then telephoned and the representative told me that I should never order online, but by phone only. She then erased my internet orders and said she would replace them with new orders which would be filled in two weeks. She also said she would send me emergency supplies immediately, due to the delay. She never shipped those supplies to me and I am dangerously short. In addition, she did not even replace the orders which she cancelled for more than a week after my call. I am very discouraged by my experience with ordering supplies from Medtronic.