Pump (t:slim) warm/hot to the touch

My pump has been feeling really warm to the touch lately. I’ve noticed this for a few weeks, perhaps. It coincided with really hot days and since I keep my pump in my waistband (between the waistband and my skin), I was chalking it up to proximity to heat sources. But… I’m not sure this is normal. Also, and perhaps related, I have been finding that I absolutely have to change my infusion set at the 3-day mark, as my bgs start trending higher. So, my questions for the group:

  1. Since I can’t recall noticing this in the past, does your pump feel warm or cool/room temp to the touch, in general but especially for those with t:slims?
  2. Any logic to the relation between the hot pump and the fact that I seem to be more insulin resistant around the 3 day mark?

I haven’t really noticed mine getting warm to the touch, unless it’s plugged in for too long. Seems like it could be a hardware/electrical issue. If it’s happening regularly, that could definitely be related to the insulin resistance. Having the insulin in the cartridge be too hot for a few days could be causing the insulin to go bad quicker than normal. I would contact Tandem and see if they have any suggestions, or might even be able to replace it, if it is the hardware and still within warranty.

Mine feels warm sometimes too. I wonder about it because they mentioned having it close to you all the time can cause higher temps for the insulin. I wear mine on a spibelt. I don’t think it has had a major effect for me but in really hot weather it could.

Has your pump been losing charge much faster than normal? That could be a sign of a defect or battery problem and you should call Tandem. Being warm to the touch is not normal and could damage your insulin. Insulin in pumps is rated to body temperature, not to higher temperatures. And pumps are designed to not throw off enough heat to raise the temperature.

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