Recent issues with my T-Slim

I've had my pump for a year now, and the past couple of months I've noticed that once I get down to about 40-50 units remaining, my pump starts having some issues...
It will give me at least a couple of occlusion alerts every time that I bolus, and as a result, I end up with higher BG after meals.
But, I always feel bad replacing the cartridge and wasting so much insulin!
Is this a common issue that people are having? Is it just a side effect of constant use and normal wear and tear?
Or, is this maybe something that I should be calling Tandem about?

I would let Tandem know, they may have you upload the pump info so they can diagnose any mechanical issues the pump may or may not be experiencing.

I agree... letting Tandem know allows them to address or discover the issue. Oft times there is a plausible answer... other times it the only way they find out about an issue. Think of Tech support for your pump as your best supporter and friend!! Any chance you are using Apidra in your pump??