How's your Tslim's Wear/Durability? (see picture below)

I've had my T slim about 5 months and it is getting little raised like bubbles on the back of the pump. The paint is also chipping off around the cartridge area. And the rubber charging port cover ripped off (well not really off, it ripped in half so some of it is still attached which is weird to me?). I'm not particularly rough with my pump. I pretty much always have it in the case it came with and put it in my pocket or bra. It just seems like a lot of wear for a short period of time. Is anyone else having this kind of problem?

My USB cover broke exactly like yours. Let Tandem know. they'll send you a replacement. Even then, I'd expect them to completely replace the pump because of defects in the coating. It shouldn't bubble like that. What are you using in the slot to remove the cartridge? Looks like bits of the coating are broken off there.

I have my own issue: the cartridges are much harder to remove than they were when I received the pump 6 months ago. I used to be able to remove a cartridge with a good amount of finger pressure, and now I can only do it with many pounds of force using a coin - sometimes hurting my fingers in the process.

You can see, in my pic, the exposed metal along the edge of the cartridge. Looks like there's some sort of alignment issue that is only getting worse with time. Will call about this soon.

My 21 year old son is on pump # 5 since last october...

1 and 2 - the screen froze and the pump wouldn't work at all.

3 and 4 - the pumps wouldnt charge ...with the original charger, in the car, computer or with different chargers.....

the rubber thingie that covers the charging port also broke off on # 3

they replaced the charger on # 4 ... it charged for about a week with the new charger and then refused to charge.

I think it had a slow death..

# 5 thank god is fine.

I'm convinced that Jesse must have a weird electrical aura about him that's causing these problems...

Calls to Tandem about why the last 2 wouldn't charge have gone unanswered...
He doesnt abuse the pump . keeps it in his pocket...

Loves it to death !

Almost as much as his beloved Cozmo...


I just got my t:slim 2 weeks ago. I want my Cozmo back. :)

Mine has lived thus far. I do not like the belt clip, it seems too loose/floppy on my belt. My trainer told me the charging port cover has been known to come off. You can call and get a new one. I think that part along with the belt clip was a very poor design. Why do I need to pull the pump from the clip to open the port cover? I was thinking of pulling the cover off, myself. No need for it, other than dust/dirt.

I wish the adding of a BS reading was simple and that it gave a recommendation for carbs needed for low BS/IOB, like the Cozmo did. (I've written these and about six others up for them.)

Due to these things, I am kind of thinking of sending it back, I've got about 2 more weeks. It helps to hear about others' problems as well.


No problems, except that the USB cover wouldn't stay closed. They sent me a new one, but it developed the same problem in a few weeks. So now I just leave the port open.

The new clips don’t require you to pull the pump from the clip to charge. I didn’t like the original clip; but often use just the slider as protection…never took it out of the slider to charge. I’ve had “Watson” for a year; and it still looks like new!! Love my pump!

Got my first one in March. I put it in shelf mode once and it deleted the history and profiles. Tandem said it wasn't supposed to do that so they sent me a new one. Haven't had any issues since. Before I switched to u500 insulin I was doing cartridge changes every two days, too.

I love the blithering thing. Still. No buyer's remorse.

Thanks for all the input! I think I’ll call Tandem and see about a replacement. I haven’t had any technical problems with it so far and love how it works otherwise!

I’ve only used the little square key ring thingy they sent with it. I’ll have to watch the alignment if I don’t end up getting a replacement. I feel like my cartridges are a little tough to remove!