Pump Vacation?

Hello everyone
I have been wearing a pump for almost 12 years without a single day where it has not been attached to me. I consider it part of me.
But I feel like I'd like to try a mini vacation or even consider the option of doing Lantus and say good bye to my pump.
I only need 12.7 units the whole day and run so controlled I don't even need to bolus. So my question is how much should I give like 10 units and cross my fingers? I am SO nervous to inject my last experience on shots riddled me with panic attacks and anxiety. For those of you who used to take NPH might know what I am talking about!
I would love to hear anyone else opinion or experience with Basel rates vs. long acting doses.
Much love to the community... may our hearts be even sweeter than our blood ;-)

hi Ali, I've never done it myself, but here's some discussions here about it:

I did it once (and quite enjoyed it). Here is my blog post about it.

I did a split Lantus dose (twice per day) with a bit more than half my total basal in the morning and a bit less than half my total basal in the evening. You should check the basal amount with an endo/CDE, but should be fine :)

just curious, how can you not have to bolus? do you eat carbs? even those who do very low carbs have to bolus, protein will turn into glucose, eventually. do you correct? are you pumping 12.7 units of basal via pump?

I am not a super low carb person but yes very very careful about the carbs I do eat. I walk 3 miles AM and PM as well as teach yoga so I am active. I do heath coaching and weight loss so I try to practice what I preach. My A1C is usually 5.4 - 5.7 and I do not over do protein but I am not going to sit down to a big bowl of rice either!
I have learned what I can do to maximize insulin sensitivity and decease the need for extra. I do use my basal and kinda coast all day in that. Before I started working on my diet and lifestyle I took over 50 units.

I'd follow Kristin's splits given that you do low carb.
8 in the morning, 5 at night, total 13.

I freed myself from a pump and now use calculation-supported MDI, which tracks IOB for me. Better A1Cs for me.

Thank you Kristin
I don't have much support from my care facility. I know most of my fear is in my head. I just feel so hyper sensitive to insulin but maybe it's just the fast acting.

I've only been pumping 5 years and have no interest in a vacation. I've had 2x failures, both on Saturday AM of 3 day weekends ("BUTTON ERROR" while running, once perhaps sweat and once in a sudden downpour...) so I've had two brief vacations, one with NPH as I had no RX and one with Levemir, which worked very well, although that also hit my "off" day from working out and I had the new pump fired up by the time I was running again. I still like being able to "untake" basal more than I'm inconvenienced by pumping.

A ton of changes!But it was over time (like 10 yrs!) and lost of trial and error. I believe there are thing in nature that can help heal the body. For example I discovered eating foods with Omega-3 in them every few hours increase your insulin sensitivity the following day. So adding a little chia seed, hemp seed, flax, tuna, salmon cod through your day and see better sugars tomorrow.
I think the lag effect is when the food hits our actual intestine which is where most fats absorb.

Hi Simon! Thanks to diabetesmine, I just discovered your site, ManageBGL. I am planning on ditching the pump in the next couple of years and am so grateful that there is a way to keep IOB info in my diabetes management.

I hope to start using ManageBGL even before then :)

I am so attached to my pump. Never would I ever take a voluntary vacation. It has changed my life.

If you have a pretty stable basal pattern, and don't use small bolus or frequent temp basals, you'll probably do ok on MDI. If you use temp basals on pump while you exercise, you might find you need to snack to avoid going low.

I've never done a pump vacation, because I normally do many small boluses and like the precision of .X, and my units/hour vary greatly in my basal patterns. I use frequent temp basals for various reasons, and that would be difficult to match on MDI.

Thanks Kristin - that would be great! DiabetesMine has been very valuable for us to get the word out!

I'm glad I found this. I have only been on the pump for 7 years (diabetic for 16 years), but am asking my doctor about a pump vacation on Monday.

I'm just so sick of the technical errors, and the "No delivery" buzzes in the night.

Do you mind me asking why you want your pump vacation? just sick of it? :)
ALso- I did hot yoga for a little, but all the sweat would clog my pump.
If I do go on pump vacation I should give yoga another try.

I also want to look into your diet, and how you lowered your insulin units. That is great!

Hi Kari
Have never once gotten a no delivery alarm in 11 years of wearing my pump but I know my set stops. My sugars get stagnant (beast way to describe it) and I change my set. Within 20 minutes usually sugar usually drops and might bring me to a low.

The icing on the sugar free cake is after I pull out the old set I squeeze the hole and watch clear fluid come out which I assume is the insulin that was pooling and not absorbing. I am so hyper sensitive I usually don't need to correct. I can only use a sure -T everything else usually give me more issues.

Wonderful resource Simon! I'm impressed...

I just took an accidental pump vacation when I ran out of omnipods :P

My basal is around 21 units, and I found I had to take 24 of lantus. I would ask your DNE for the exact figure. It will probably take a few days of bad control to get it exactly where you need it.

i also hardly ever bolus, coasting along on basal, being careful with my carbs and doing lots of exercise throughout the day. i also really do not like taking fast acting-one unit can cover me for about 25 or 30 carbs if i sit still for four hours afterwards. correcting with one can lower me over 100 points-i hear you!
thanks for the omega 3 tip-will have to keep track and see if i get the same effect!

i do it the opposite way round-3 units in the am keeps me good all day but find i need 7 units at night, maybe for dp? works ok though.