Pump Vacation

Hi all, do you go on pump vacations? How do you decide what long acting insulin amounts to give yourself? Thanks in advance.

if you use the little magnifying glass icon in the upper right of your screen, and search for “pump vacation”, you’ll find many discussions. here’s one from @acidrock23

I’m sure he’d be willing to talk about his pump vacation. I’ve been pumping over 25 years and have never felt like taking it off.

Absolutely! I just got back from another one (all-inclusive resort for a week, 5 pools, 2 beaches, swimming w/ stingrays, etc…) but am rushing out the door to go to work!

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Hi Kel. I thought about it for while and finally took the plunge a couple months back and likely will not go back to my pump. My doc started me with 80% of my daily pump basal total and went from there. Good luck!!!

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I went on MDI two months ago after spending decades non-stop on a pump. It’s worked out well and I have no plans at the moment to return to my pump.

As far as a starting dose of basal insulin, I used the average of the last week’s total daily basal rate. I started there but had to ramp up to about 50% higher and then dropped back a few units where I’ve been for a few weeks. Whatever you do, keep your emergency glucose nearby and do plenty of fingersticks.

I think a pump vacation can provide a little relief to the pump regimen but it also keeps your MDI chops current in case they’re unexpectedly needed.

I’m enjoying the change of routine and my control is a little bit better. It’s nice not to always be reaching back for my “tail” as I get out of bed. MDI has it’s own challenges, however. I found I depended on my pump’s memory to confirm if I took a dose and when. I now set a phone alarm that rings every day at 9 p.m. to prompt me to take my daily basal dose. I also record all my doses on my CGM, when I remember!

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Thanks @MarieB, can you tell Im a new user?

Thank you @mikep and @Terry4 your advice is so appreciated! Also, as a previous MDI user of 8 years- I want to give you a heads up that it is possible, maybe even likely, that scar tissue/fat deposits can develop at any sites you use repeatedly for MDI. This is something i have personally experienced and one of the main reasons I switched to the pump. Anyway- it was something that hadn’t been mentioned to me and may have changed the way I chose my treatment. The MDI it can really make Diabetes out of sight & out of mind! Thanks for your help & best of luck! Im excited to run your suggestions by my dr and take a ‘vacation’

no problem @Kel1! We’re all helping each other here.

thanks Kel. Good luck to you as well.

I went on one and just got back. I went back on my pump before we left but it worked out very well. We were at an all-inclusive resort in Antigua so lots of eating and drinking and activity was on the menu. I ran 2 days, just a couple of miles but they had a hill w/ a 30% grade that was an interesting workout experience. I also swam quite a bit, both lounging around the pool and some laps mid-afternoon to “freshen up”. And, of course, quite a bit of dancing in the evenings, so lots of fun.

Re deciding the amount, I use the daily basal on my pump as a starting point and ended up going a bit higher than that. 22U vs 20U daily pumped basal and then a nudge with 6U at bedtime.