Pump Week 1 Complete

Well, almost. My first week was spent on the sodium chloride solution that they give us to practice with. That has been seriously a bummer. Each time I ‘practice’ the bolus on the pump … I have to do the real thing in my arm. Not fun. Well the good thing is I am very, very eager to get on the pump full time now.

But, we are always thrown curves… and this week was my turn. I phoned my endo on Wednesday (did not speak directly to him) and asked about the settings for the pump. He was to review and send back to the trainer so that we could start with a “doctor approved” range of settings.

Well, I am miffed. Spoke to the trainer and she canceled the appointment. She said she did not get the fax back from the doctor. This is just another reminder…this diabetes is all mine. Not likely that you will find a doctor or a trainer (or fill in the blank) that is going to care as much as you do about whatever it is that you are doing. In this case, getting me on the pump.

So, to top that off … trainer said she is out all next week as well…and … you guessed it, her next available appointment is not until the end of that week. So, if I leave it to them, I will wait another 2 weeks to get on the pump.

Well, it will not come too soon.


When the doc and the trainer officially get you using insulin in your pump, it’ll be easier for you to make the little changes you think will help. I started pumping insulin ahead of the doctor’s schedule and that was the wrong thing to do.

I definitely remember (in Sept 2000) being rip roaring ready to go with the real stuff instead of saline. I asked myself “why am I doing all this work with no real use other than practice?” I think I offended Dr L a little by starting on my own. I believe that my doc & trainer are very good professional and understand a lot about diabetes and what we go through.

There was no long term harm to those professional relations or my diabetes care. Seven years later I still pumping and do my changes on my own. Sometimes Doc L will suggest changes to make which I follow. Sometimes I go for my quarterly appt, report the changes I made, and show the results to support what I’ve done.

Whatever, you’ll like pumping.


Thanks for the comment.

After thinking about it a couple of days … I agree with you completely. I was (and still am) very eager to start.

I had the doc fax me the signed order and they are sending out a new trainer on Sunday to start me on insulin.


Hey, Jack! How’s the pumping going? I started on Aug. 1 and I’m lovin’ it, although I need to keep better records. I thought the pump would do all that, but the pump records don’t really match what the doc wants–gotta get that all straightened out, hopefully before I go home next week. Anyway, how does the combo system work? CGM is, in my mind, the next great thing for diabetics, but I’m always a bit behind the times! Here’s to better control and NMMDI (no more MDI)!! --Renée


Ditto everything you said. I was hoping the pump would keep all the records. I still need to get the connector cable so that I can see what the pump is actually saving.

I have not started on CGM as yet. I have the equipment but they want me to take a different training class for that. But, the class is not in home. It is class training so, I need to schedule my time to participate.