I'm Pumped!

UPS delivered a box - I was expecting a huge box, but its about the size of 2 shoe boxes. Now to call and schedule training. Trainer isn’t available until October 24th. The heck with that. I call my CDE and get an appointment for the 24th of September and as we agreed, I hook myself up.

Its now the 17th of September and I’ve hooked everything up. No pain whatsoever, wonder if I’ve done it right. Surely it has to hurt. No beeping or vibrating going on. We’ll see what my first bg is in an hour.

Update: I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve entered into this lightly. I’ve read extensively and taken the online training that minimed offers. I’m also very familiar with medical equipment and already have an implanted device. I’ve spent two years researching and learning before even requesting a pump. I’m scheduled for an appointment with my CDE next week to review anything I have issues with.

Great news Kim! Did you start on the pump with insulin in it right away? They often make people start with just saline solution in the pump… and then they switch to insulin later. Hope that it will go well and post any questions!

I started with insulin. I’m a computer programmer and I work with computerized devices quite a bit. I felt very comfortable starting right off and talked to my CDE before I got the pump about my plans. I started at 75% my standard basal rate and my first bg after the hookup was 148. I’m testing every two hours.

Great! Let us know how it goes!

How exciting Kim! It definitely should not hurt - if it hurts, then something is wrong, usually. Back in the dark ages (1991) when I got my first pump, they made me stay in the hospital for the first two days!! and they tested my bg every hour on the hour! Yes, all night long they woke me up to test - it was exhausting. I’m glad you didn’t have to do that. Keep us posted!

Hey! You mean you hooked your pump up with out proper medtronic school training and cde button training? You are so CRAZY! for doing that hope you are OK? Well Take care. Thats a big RISK YOU UNDER TOOK.

Congratulations Kim. I know i just got my mini med hooked up just over a month ago. Best of luck.

Congratulations. I started pumping on my own as well. I was told not to do it, but within 2 hours of having the box, I was hooked up. I read Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and spent weeks ahead of time figuring out my basal and boluses. I think the first night I was on it I tested every hour just to make sure I didn’t spike to high. Three weeks later my pump trainer who is independent trainer, finally called me.

Thanks Cody for putting it into perspective for me. So far so good - a bit on the high side with only 75% of my usual basal, but I’ll work it out. My latest bg pre-dinner was 112 but after lunch was high.

way to go !
i hope i get a pump sooner,but i can’t
and don’t worry about making things go faster by hooking up
i would if i were you =)