Pump: Week One

I’m leaning toward the silhouette infusion sets. Friday, I used a quick set and I ran in the 160 range all day, plus no delivery alarm if I moved a certain way. Things had settled down by Saturday, but Friday was still kinda crappy. I used Silhouettes Sunday and yesterday and did not have any bad numbers. I’m starting to get more comfortable with that scary needle. I have an appointment with my pump trainer tomorrow so I’ll discuss this with her, for sure.
I found a cute bag from the Container Store for all my stuff. I bought a small mesh bag for the testing stuff to put inside the larger one, which has one large pocket and two smaller zip pockets on the outside. I’m rather happy that I finally found a nice little bag that doesn’t scream MEDICAL SUPPLIES.
I went to the gym last night for the first time with the pump. I had to do the shorter, less intense version of my usual work out b/c my numbers were on the low side. I disconnected and did my usual half bolus for dinner, however, I think that I need to eat at least 40g carbs at dinner on workout days to keep my numbers solid. I’m going to run (ha!) with that theory for a few workouts and see if I’m right.
Overall, so far, so good. Just lots of trial and error.

It’s good to read you are doing well on the pump. Hopefully I will be starting soon, the trial and error I guess is the whole ■■■■■ part about it. But I guess we learn a lot about ourselves and our bodies thru the trials. Good Luck!

Hi Jackie! Glad to hear that you are doing well!

Be careful when you disconnect from the pump for exercise-- because you no longer take any long acting insulin, this can cause your blood sugars to go really high. People have different methods and some people do disconnect (for nor more than an hour, I think). What I do is use a “temporary basal rate”. I turn my pump down to 50% one hour before intensive exercise (1 hour rollerblading or 40 minute run) and I leave it turned down for two hours. On a good day, my blood sugar stays right around 100 the whole time… it’s nice not to have to eat extra all the time!

Hope that the meeting with the pump trainer goes well!