So I am going for it... pump is scheduled to be delivered next Thursday (1/14) - I'm kinda scared

I placed the order today…in one week I will have a pink ping !

So I have been reading and trying to learn and going to my pre-pump appointments since September. I was not even sure I could afford the cost even with some insurance assistance but I am figuring it out and will make the financial sacrifice for a chance at better control. (My last A1c was 10.9 and I am having complications).

I am still scared though. Scared that because of my eating disorder I will get a lot of lows on the pump - I can’t handle lows at all : (
I am scared because I want it to work out really well and I am perfectionist and not to be shallow but if this sucker is going to cost me over 2k yearly I want it to improve my health.
I am committed and ready to learn even more and get started but it is also overwhelming!
I’m excited then overwhelmed, then completely freaked out and then hopeful… lol!

I understand your anxiety. I got my OneTouch Ping Monday. Then I had my training yesterday. It is much easier if you go through the booklets and the workbook before training. Also it comes with the DVD and it will help you alot to use ur pump to follow along with the DVD. Just don’t insert the infusion set into ur body until training. So far so good for mine. I hooked up yesterday without a hitch. My blood sugar has stayed great. I was under 150 all day, which never happens. I felt a bit shaky because I’m not used to being under 180. I’m really sensitive to lows too. So, I can sympathize with you there. But, if you are worried about lows ask your CDE to set your initial basal low. They can then increase as needed.

I did feel overwelmed too but then the info that I got with the pump was great. And the 1st bolus was wonderful. Then the 2nd was even better and now the 3rd for breakfast was so easy it was like I’ve been doing it forever. Once you start going through the menus yourself you will see how easy it is. Follow the DVD. It was an exellent resource for me. and the practice you do with it will make your real transition so much easier.

You have to order your ezmanager software after you get your pump. There will be a paper in your kit that gives you instructions to order. I ordered mine online Monday night and it was here yesterday. I loaded it to my PC and used it last night. I’ve already downloaded info from the pump and changed some of the alarm and reminder sounds.

And they will have a team to call you everyday the 1st month to help you make adjustments and answer your questions. Plus they are available 24/7 to answer questions and help you navigate if you need help.

I really feel comfortable with mine and am confident you will too once you go through your materials and start with your team behind you.

Good luck. And you’ve joined a great community to support you. They helped me with my ultimate decision to start pumping and with which pump to get. Everyone chipped in and answered my questions honestly and open heartedly. I’m proud to have tudiabetes behind me.

Just remember Don’t Get Frustrated if it’s not perfect right away.

I agree completely. Got mine 12/8. I was very nervous at first, but reading the book “Pumping Insulin” by Walsh in advance plus watching the DVD and going through all the manuals really makes a difference. Fill the pump with saline or old insulin and practice priming a set a few times. Then play with all the bolus features and practice setting some basal rates with the pump NOT attatched to you. I did this for a week and it really helped. I was totally comfortable with all the buttons before the training. The pump is VERY user friendly. Pair the meter and start using the meter right away. You will do great! FlyWilley, glad to hear you are doing well!

It scared me too! I also have a pink Ping, and have been using it for in early December. It has been great! There is a learning curve for sure, but if your CDE/doc starts you at low basal and bolus amounts, you can work your way up to the right amount. In fact, my CDE just lowered my basal again today. It’s a work in progress. Good luck and keep us posted! I LOVE it!

Thanks Michelle. Rose if you don’t have any saline or old insulin you can do it with just air. but some kind of liquid would be better to practice the priming.


I’m with you on the scared, I’ve started my paper work and I have a test model (with saline) for the weekend.

There’s a lot of information to take in but you can do it, and so can I :wink:

I’m on day 4 with my Ping. So, far I love it. I’ve had no issues with operating it and I changed my infusion set by myself yesterday without a hitch. It actually helps me feel a little more normal because I don’t have to pull out the needles…lol. Good luck ladies. Let me know what you think.

Everything you’re feeling is perfectly normal. Read thru the manuals, watch the dvd and practice with the pump buttons before your training session and you’ll be a pro in no time. And just remember, the folks at Animas are there 24/7 to answer any question or help with any situation no matter how silly you may feel it is. I called up for help with a battery change outside of a cartridge change time and the woman I spoke with was SO nice about my request for help and walked me thru the procedure step by step. You’re going to love pumping!

Awesome : ) I did that test run too with a pump from my doctor’s office. It made me realize how easy it was to simply forget I was attached to something. I made sure i did all my normal work out routines and all that : )

I am getting more excited and less scared as I read all of the replies! Thanks!