I’m now officially part of the pumper universe. My insulin start appointment was yesterday. I met my pump nurse, who helped set everything up. She is wonderful. We ended up having a “real” conversation by the end of the session, talking about grandparents.
I did have a no delivery alarm, about half way through my dinner bolus. I already had the stove on, so I jsut turned everything off, and then went into my room and checked the tube. Looked good, so I took out my quick set and tried a silhouette set. My post dinner number was slightly higher than normal, but I tried to eat a bit on the cautious side, not knowing how much insulin I had received. No alarms since.
I had a small granola bar of 15 carbs instead of my usual low carb snack of nuts or carrots and peanut butter at 10:30. It felt good to be able to take a small bolus and do that.
I’m thinking I might stick with the Silhouettes b/c my other quick set from the saline trial was kinked when I took it out yesterday.
I mentioned to the nurse that I read that the multiclix was a better lancet device, so she went into the store room and got me one. A whole accucheck meter set actually, so I will probably donate the meter to I’m very happy with this new gadget. I’ve barely felt any of my tests since yesterday afternoon. The multiclix is highly recommended.

Congrats on the beginning Jackie! I had the same experience with QuickSets. Many others use them successfully, but they always kinked when I inserted them. I have been using the Comfort infusion set (which is the same as Silhoutte for non-MM pumps) all four years of pumping. Just out of curiousity, did you use the insertion device when inserting your QuickSets? I never had one so I always did the insertion manually and I was wondering if the insertion device could stop the kinking??

Where did you put your first infusion set?

I don’t have the insertion device, I did it by hand. The one that was kinked was on my thigh, the one that didn’t work yesterday was on my stomach. That one actually didn’t look kinked and I was fine until I tried to bolus, so I really don’t know what was wrong with that one.
Now I have the Silhouette on my stomach, right at my waist and I haven’t noticed it.
Do you use an inserter for your sets? I’m thinking that that might help with the fear factor of that bigger needle on the Silhouette.

I don’t have one and I didn’t know they were available for the Silhouette, but I have heard from others that they are. Here is another discussion just started today about it.

I personally do not like the inserter for the silhoutte. To me it is more painful to use that then it is do it manually. I use sil’s in my thighs where I do not have enough fat, but use quick sets in stomach. I actually prefer thigh sites over any other site.

I use MM quick release (MM315), and just got the serter, and I have a lot less kinking than ever. I also use the lidocaine/prilocaine cream one hour before changing, (if I can), and can’t feel a thing when I stick it!
Congrats on your new pump! I hope it helps you with the life we must lead.

Hi Jackie

I hope you get the routing sorted out before too long, getting used to the sets and changing them and bolusing, etc., seems so hard at first. But eventually it’s second nature. I’ll be interested to see whether it improves your A1C.