Pumper seeking your advice - diabetic1

Some of you already know that I am trying to promote our free Glucosurfer.org project here. I do this because I am more than convinced that TuDiabetes is a great place for mutual help.

So far only one person from the TuDiabetes community is using the Glucosurfer actively to analyze his Medtronic pump files. This person with the pseudonym diabetic1 is willing to share his diary with the community. He would do that in person but I offered him to advocate on his behalf. This way his identity is not revealed and we can discuss possible improvements very openly. It is a big step to allow others to take a look into the personal diabetes management - I know that very well. With this advocacy service I would like to encourage others to seek for your help here. I am willing to speak on your behalf too if this helps you to make this step. Please use the following link to visit his personal Diabetes diary:


I hope you have some ideas how the situation of this community member can be improved. In my personal opinion the basal rate and the spikes after the meal should be the main focus:

a) the rate increase in the morning and evening is massive (look at basal profile in diagram ‘Glucose - Curve’, grey bar chart or take a view at his settings)

b) the number of corrections of high glucose levels is too high (look at diagram ‘Glucose - Curve’ and drag from day to day by grabbing the diagram with your mouse)

c) the mean values per hour are to high, although some improvements have been achieved in the afternoons (look at diagram ‘Glucose - Profile per Hour’ and compare the red line [last 30 days] with the blue dotted line [the mean of the 30 days before])