Pump on the beach?

Well my family like to go on loooong trips to the beach… And I’m getting my pump tomorrow. So I was just wondering, what do you all do with your pumps when you’re on the beach to stop the sand getting into them or whatever? Should I buy a case or something, or will it be enough just to try and keep it away from the sand? Because when I’m on the beach generally EVERYTHING ends up getting really sandy… Thanks!

I’ve always just clipped mine to my bikini bottoms. I have an Animas though so it’s waterproof, and I wear it in the ocean. If I take it off, I put it in my bag, and I try to put my bag in a shady spot to help keep it from getting too hot. As an aside, I also bring a little insulin pouch thing with a bottle, syringe and glucagon. I keep that in a cooler if I have one with me.

Like Lee Ann said, the biggest issue is it getting too hot. The pump will still work when it’s hot, but your insulin doesn’t do well exposed to extreme temperatures and the tubing materials can expand and contract with extreme temperature differences. I would often wrap mine in a towel and park it in a shady spot with someone who knew it was there. Treat it the same way you’d treat your cell phone at the beach (security, temperature, water) and you’ll likely be fine.

I’m going to the beach next week and I’m actually considering going back to shots for the week. I know that you CAN keep the pump on, but I’m afraid something will happen to it if I leave it anywhere. We will go snorkeling as a group and then, there won’t be anyone on the beach to watch the stuff… so I just think that I will take a pump vacation.

(I’m a bit paranoid about losing my pump or having it break from taking it in the water-- because I live outside of the USA and would need to get the pump replaced from the USA, which takes about a week. So maybe a pump vacation isn’t necessary for others…)

It is possible to go back to shots, but you need to be careful during the transition both ways… I’ll let you know how it goes next week. I have a feeling that I might miss my pump too much and put it back in after a couple days :slight_smile:

I took a day off from pumping when I went to a water park a few years ago with my not-waterproof pump. Shots were really the best way to go and be worry free for the day. You could keep the pump in your room at night and do shots while you’re out and about.

Ziploc bags can be a pumpers best friend! (Unless you are getting an Animas because they are waterproof.)

I went back to shots with long and rapid acting insulin for a two week beach vacation earlier this year.