Pumping at the Beach

We’re going to the beach in a couple days. It will be our first time at the beach since Charlie had the pump. Any tips or suggestions? We won’t be there too long. Any precaution needed with his site regarding sand or salt water? Any overall beach tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Carey,
What kind of pump does he use? We had a little bit of a sand issue (with the Cozmo - under the cap of the insulin reservoir) If he will be wearing his pump into the ocean, I would suggest just putting it into a ziploc baggie and sealing as best as you can, to keep the sand out, and then rinse thorougly with bottled water before you go home.
For disconnecting, you can use the little stopper thingy that comes in the infusion sets to seal the cannula while he swims, and then follow up with the bottled water rinse for the salt and sand.
Have a great time at the beach!

Hi Lea. Thanks very much. Charlie has the Minimed 522. We won’t be there at meal time - going at about 3 pm. We were thinking we would just disconnect him for the couple hours that we’re there. The baggie is a good suggestion if we decide to keep the pump on. Thank you.

Hi Carey,
Back when my daughter was on the Minimed Paradigm pump, we always disconnected when she was out on the beach - we didn’t even take it out on the sand, mostly because I thought the insulin would go bad if it sat in the sun and didn’t want to deal with it in a cooler, etc. We gave a small bolus beforehand and checked blood frequently - it worked out fine. Her sites had to be changed daily, however.
Last year, she got upset because the sites messed up her tan - she was 15 and wearing a bikini. She switched backed to shots, and we haven’t been able to get her back on the pump since.
Good luck and have fun.

Hi Carey,

What a great question. We will be at the ocean next week. Riley gets in the water quite often, but this will be the first time getting in the salty ocean water. The tips here are very helpful.

And, I saw your post today. It looks like you guys had an awesome time and Charlie’s sugars couldn’t have cooperated any better.