Pumping & Gastroparesis?

I was wondering for those of you using a pump who also have GP, do you use an Extended Bolus or Multiwave?? I am trying to figure out which would be the best of the 3 options.. Bolus will come in handy when I am running out of range or high but I think the Extended Bolus or Multiwave is going to be my best bet for when I eat.. My stomach sometimes doesn't empty right away and the food can sit for hours, days or as quick as it goes in it can come right back out.. I've been using the Extended Bolus & Multiwave Bolus on my Accu Check Combo and so far I think those two will be best for me..
Just curious what others with GP are using..

I give a combination bolus for every meal. The first part of the combination is an immediate carb bolus. The second part is the fat/protein bolus that I extend over 2-6 hours. The combination bolus is a tactic I use for low-carbing, not in response to GP symptoms.

My GP symptoms are mild so far and I think my stomach is not delayed too much, if at all.

Hmm very good info thank you Terry, I will give this a try as well. I think that maybe I was not breaking up the later Bolus I think maybe I will try to extend it for a total of 4hrs and then adjust the time from there.

Thanks for your reply ;)

I am newly diagnosed LADA with possible GP. Chris, How did you ascertain that you do have GP? How do you like the pump compared to the MDI? I will be trying out a Continuous Glucose Monitor Meter next week and am contemplating using an insulin pump. What is a good starting point for me to learn the pros and cons of pump vs MDI?

I was diagnosed with GP following a gastric emptying study using scintigraphy. The test involved eating some scrambled eggs (other foods may be used) with a radio-isotope marker and then using a scintigraph to show the movement, or lack, through the GI track. Your abdomen is imaged periodically over about a four-hour period.

A good starting point to learn about pump therapy is to buy one of the comprehensive insulin pump therapy books, one written by Gary Scheiner, and a few written by John Walsh. A pump is simply a tool and the human using it is the key resource to make it work.

CGM therapy is one of the fundamental breakthroughs in the last 10 years or so. It facilitates better awareness and more timely and effective counter-actions.

I have gastroparesis and I use the dual wave most of the time and the square wave feature sometime I find that the dual wave works better for me with some meals and the square wave for others. I will usually spread my insulin out for 2 1/2 to 3 hours or more depending on what type of meal I am having. Its hard to tell you personally how many hours to spread your insulin out because everyone's body is different and will still digest foods at different rates even with having gastroparesis. My endo help me but it is still hit and miss sometimes.

Thanks for the reply Tiera and you are right I am quickly finding out that some meals digest differently over periods of time over others. I guess it will just be another learning curve :)