Putting on a cgm sensor: have you hit a nerve by mistake?

i am very lean and have difficulty putting on and keeping on my dexcom cgm sensor. often, it will go in right, no pain at all. but sometimes i feel this “electric” shock (not on the area of insertion) around the site. maybe an inch from the injection site. i can push down on the sensor/ transmitter itself during this time w/out any pain whatsoever, but the “electric” feeling hangs around. does this ever happen to you? and if yes, what do you do about it? do you remove it or wait it out and see if the uncomfortable feeling goes away?

been wearing Enlites since last December. never had one hurt. can’t say that about the previous version!

Did that once… Waited, but it never got more comfortable, so i had to change it out. i think i called Dexcom when it happened and they replaced the sensor.