Question about a cold and lows

I have a bad cold, not the flu mind you! I’m amazed that this situation causes so many lows Do you have the same experience?

JOHNBEN, 49 years type-1 present HGA1C 5.9

Hmm JB, I usually get a bit on the high side right before getting sick. When I’m sick I’m usually a bit higher too :slight_smile:

Thank you for your notes!! It reminded me to be thankful with all the nifty accessories and equipment we have now! :slight_smile:

Hi John, still have the L plates on for a T1 (14months) have learnt a lot and manage very well with only 2 readings outside of acceptable/recommended levels in those months. A little naughty on those occasions with some delectable’s one should not have had . Industrial strength chocolate cake !
Before having diabetes I regularly had 2 or 3 colds per winter here in Australia (as did my wife and daughter) . Sometimes persisting for 2 or 3 weeks. Warmer winter days seemed to be a catalyst for these occasions.
About 4 years ago I had every carpet in the house ripped out and replaced with tiles. Guess what, No colds in those 4 years !! A couple of small rugs only on the tiles which are cleaned regularly.
Also recently I have been adding hot chili to the diet 2 or 3 times a week , lucky to have a chili bush that goes crazy during our hot summer and usually freeze heaps of excess for the colder months (around 4 with no chili growth)
Only one slight sniffle which went after a couple of days following a chili onslaught !
I would now be a carpet salesman’s worst nightmare !

Hi Ben,
I seldom ever get a cold or the flu. Pneumonia is a different story. But when I am sick I usually bounce higher rather than lower. Here again is that old thing about each is different. Debb is right about the taking better care of myself with the diabetes. Those kinds of things just rarely come up for me anymoe.
But Robert is growing his own personal stash of vitamin C in his yard. That is such a good idea Robert. I guess I had known that those little peppers are loaded with the Vitamin C but had forgotten. And the idea about the carpet. Does it contain pet dander or is it just the fibers that hold other things?

Ack. I haven’t ever had the flu since I started getting an annual flu shot. I rarely get colds or sick, but when I do, I find that I do get low blood sugars unless I reduce my basal rates or eat more. It’s hard for me to eat when I am sick. When I was vacationing in Mexico last April, I had switched from the pump to injections, and ended up with bad lows. My other half made a trip to the local market and stocked up on pudding cups, regular sweetened sodas and the like that I could manage to eat and drink in small amounts through the days to keep safe.

Colds and other illnesses tend to put my sugars up. Are you eating the same as you do when you aren’t sick? I tend not to be as hungry when I am sick. That, of course, can cause low blood sugars. LOL

Strange in my case BG seems to go up. And this is not caused by any syrup or cold medications that are useless anyways. Hard to say if it is the extra stress or just the body’s defense system.

Yes you are all right about the glucose actually going up in particur when having a fever.
I don’t know where all those very lows come from even right after dinner. Around 2.6 or 47.
I haven’t had a flu for many, many years but always get my flu shots. Thanks for all your replies!


I usually get low with a virus and high when my body starts fighting the bacteria growth.
Mucus from a cold can also line the stomach making your digestions of foods a bit less.
Hope you get better
Be loved

Thanks for your reply Laura.