My site is irritated after day 1

Hi all. So I’ve been pumping for about of a month. For the last week or so, my site will start to hurt on day two like it is irritated and the insulin will sometimes sting a little. It doesn’t seem right that I would get an infection after one day does it?

What could be causing the irritations? Any ideas?

Good evening,

Sometimes it is the location of your site(s) I find the fist 3 - 4 inches out from my belley button are fine. If I try further out, they are painfull and irritated from the beginning. I also have a habit of bumping my site up against the table or my desk at work, and that does not help at all either. Being irritated does not mean you have an infection. Redness and swelling around the site would suggest the site be changes ASAP. The irritation could also be your body’s reaction to the type of set you are using. Contact your CDE or trainer about trying a different set. What set are you using?

Hi Tom. Thanks for the reply. I am using the inset 30.

I use the Inset 30 as well. Perhaps you are reacting to the teflon canula. A reaction to Teflon might be causing the irritation.

What speed do you have the pump set for insulin infusion. If set to NRML change i to slow. This will decrease the stinging when giving a bolus. You could also use he COMBO bolus to reduce stinging by giving 40% of your bolus immediately and the rest over 30 minutes - for example.

I have had this problem as well. I find that it is on day 3 or 4 and i will just change my site. you can also bulid up insulin pockets over time witch will cause this to happen.

I was just about to post the same question.I am new to the pump- haven’t even had it one month. I use the regular inset- and I put it in yesterday and it felt fine- no problem pushing on it and now not even 24 hours later it feels little tender when i push on it and maybe a little itchy but there isn’t any redness or swelling. Is this ok? I worry about infection. I put it in right above my hip bone.
I am so grateful for this group! I wouldn’t have made it without reading this daily and feeling free to post my concerns/questions. I don’t have anyone to talk to here at home about diabetes.