Another question about sites

So after almost a month of successful pumping it seems as if **** is hitting the fan… I just put in my second infusion set, I don’t like the “waste” them, but I changed my infusion site this afternoon after going to work and about 2 hours later, the site was so painful that I had to change it thinking maybe I did something wrong. Now, the second site, which is on the opposite side of my abdomen is just as painful. I haven’t had any issues with my BG’s so the site is good, but none of my other ones have hurt this bad. I’ve only used the Inset 9mm sets so I know that it’s not due to switching or anything… I really don’t want to put in a third set… any suggestions?

This happened to me but it only happened on on side of my abdomen and I just switched sides. You might want to think about trying a third time if the pain is to great.

Does the pain come and go?

If the pain stays for like an hour after inserting it, I change to another one. However sometimes I did use the same infusion again and place it in the other side, if it didn’t hold on the body, I will place a water proof pad over it or Medical tape.

I use Med Quick-set Infusion set and insert it using the Quick-serter and it is kinda easy to reuse an infusion set, since I only need to place it again in the Quick-serter.

Hope this helps, good luck!

I hate it when they hurt! I’ve been having good success with the 6mm cannula sets lately. I am a long time pumper (20 yrs) and long time type 1 (42 years), so I have a fair amount of scar tissue from all the poking. I am now a careful rotator, and keep a log of where I put my sets, so I don’t go within a square inch of a site within a 30 day period. Have you tried the “love handles” area? I also have the inserter, and get my husband to do it for me on parts of my butt that I can’t reach.

I ended up switching a third time and had pain again… sigh… so I called Animas. I’ve been sent samples of the 6mm sets and the angled sets. As far as the pain coming and going, it’s pretty much constant, which lead me and the Animas rep to believe I could just not have enough fat on the sides of my abdomen to use the 9mm. I have tried to reuse a set, only after forgetting to remove the adhesive tape… As far as “love handles” I don’t have them. All of my weight is pretty much in the center and I’ve had abdominal surgery so that area is off limits due to scarring. I haven’t tried anywhere else, legs, butt, arms, etc. I think my next set I will do that with… Any problems with bruising on the legs? I had horrible bruises with the shot on my legs…

the legs are sometimes good w/me, sometimes not. I kind of overused them when I was younger, along with my arms. I use my butt a lot - if you put the heel of your hand on your hipbone, just about everywhere your hand touches can be a good spot. The few times I’ve tried the sides around my abdomen have hurt too. If you’re hesitant to try a place mentally, ask your doc for some emla cream, and then you won’t feel a thing when you insert. I’ve been using it for more than 10 years.

Wow, Marie! Do you actually have so many infusion sites available to you on your body that you can wait a total of 30 days before inserting into the same site? I have little “body fat real estate.” I’ve only been pumping for 3 years of a total of almost 38 years of Type I. I am really getting scared. My thighs cannot be used, I have some atrophy on each side of my abdomen from too many years of injections. The fleshiest part of my body is my breasts (!!) and my doctor said I must absolutely never use them for infusion, because the sites could be mistaken for breast cancer!

I have heard of women with large breasts being able to use the top of their breasts. I’m not very well endowed, so I’ve never tried it. Have you tried anywhere on your back? Here is a short blog I wrote about rotating:

ive had pain after changing my infusion set on to a new site but it dont last long… like you said youre using 9mm, try using 6mm, maybe youre hitting muscle on your site…ive only used 6mm. i think 9 is too much for me…