Question about syringes

I currently use 30 units of Lantus each night and use a .3cc syringe in 31 guage and 5/16" needle. Its unit markings only goes to 30 units. It is for use with a standard U-100 vial. My doctor allows me to adjust the units PRN and have been at an estimated 32 units for a few days(had to judge on 2 more units without the extra markings). What size syringe would I use to have more units than 30 that goes along with the U-100 vial. I do want to stay with a 31 guage ,5/16" needle.


Hi David,
Why dont you have your doc write your scripts for the Lantus Solostar pen they are so simple and easy,just dial in your dose no guessing shoot and go! I love my pens!

Good suggestion for probably most people but I am to begin on a Medicare part D RX plan soon so cost of drugs will no longer be set copays only. Without going into a longer explanation, there is a lot of incentive to lower my overall drug expenses rather than increase them. The cost of the Solostar is more than the tradional vial and syringe method. Your total outlay with Medicare RX plans is a function of premiums,copays, AND the cost of the drugs.


Hi David: :slight_smile:

I use the BD 50 unit, 1/2 cc, 8mm(5/16)(short). They go with the U-100 also. I’ve not needed to take more than 13 units at one time, however.

Im not sure what the vials cost,but the pens with my co-pay are $ 40.00 and there are 5 pens to a box.

Hello Terrie, thanks for the size info. 50 units gives me plenty of extra units. I hope I dont ever need more than that! If you are only at 13 units, I am surprised you arent using the .3 cc 30 unit size. Since it is smaller, it may be just a tiny bit easier to use and still plenty of extra units considering your being at 13 units now.

You’re Welcome. I’m a “just in case” type of Person". :smiley: Sometime in the future I may need more mgs. of Pred. which would require much more Insulin. I hope not. Ya, I suppose I could get a box of the 30 unit also. It’s a thinner gauge too. I’d probably like them better. The 50 unit syringe is 30 gauge. Still easily do-able. Thanks for the idea David.

I can look up the cost of most any drug using mail order. A good mail order cost if one has no insurance would run right at $1000 a year for 12 vials It would take 37 or slightly over 6 boxes of the 300 unit solostar pens for my number of units and that would cost right at $1,158 a year. I am on 10 meds with a cost right at $5,775 a year. Being on social security and a Medicare Part D RX plan coming up, I am trying to get the costs down where possible. I know the convenience of the pens but I only take Lantus once a day in the evening. Lantus runs about double the insulins in the other categories. There are only a very small number of basal insulins like Lantus so the laws of supply and demand jacks up the cost of the few basal insulins on the market.

there is a deal out there for 5 free Kwickpens… check out the stategic savers group… it’s in there. Might be nice to have for travel etc.

You say you are on Medicare. Let me give you 2 resources. The first is PPARX.COM. This is the organization that Montel Williams advertises for. The drug manufacturers will sometimes assist you with the cost of your medications. Another one, which I used is Its a free and simple sign up and if you use one of the participating chain pharmacies, you can receive a substantial discount.

The 50 units ones are 0.5cc (instead of 0.3cc), I think. If you need a prescription for syringes in your state, then your doctor should know this (but tell him/ her). Or you can just go to the drug store and buy it.

Just as a note, I even preferred syringes to the pen. You need to prime the pen (squirt out insulin to fill the little needle), which means wasting a lot of insulin. And I sometimes felt that I wasn’t getting accuracte doses with the pen. I trusted the syringe more. But that was a few years ago, maybe pens have improved…

Thanks,need to look for that

Texas doesn’t require a RX for syringes, but the practical matter is that some pharmacies flat will not sell them without a RX and some use a judgement call such as if you buy your insulin there, they will not require a RX for syringes. Can get them mail order without a RX at many places too.
I used Novolog for about 5 months in a pen. It was nice not having to draw from a vial. I primed each one on first couple of uses and a few times before it was all gone but not every time so I didnt waste much insulin.

Thanks but my social security alone doesnt allow me to qualify on the PPARX guidelines. I assure you that I dont live “high on the hog” on it.

Do you have to keep the Lantus pen in the fridge? How do you store it? Sounds great!

Thanks and Take Care!
Yvonne C.

Dave,Hi I see you live in Texas. There is a medicare suplement plan called "Care Improvement Plus"avalible in your state that you should buy.Insulin is covered 100% with no co-pays and the cost of the insulin does not go towards your gap.Check it out on the web.If you have any questions about this plan just let me know.I dont know every thing about it ,but will try to help.

Yvonne, I take lantus with a vial and syringe so you got me mixed up with someone else. Somebody did suggest I do that but it is a tad more expensive that way. Since it is only once a day, I will continue using th vial and syringe. If it is like the others with a pen, you keep in the frig until using it but never back into the frig again. I used novolog in a pen and needed to keep it in rooms not over 86 degrees when in use.

Hello Brad, are you in Tx? I am in Mckinney. I will check into care improvement plus, dont know if offered here,have never heard of it.


Brad, I joined the Humana plan earlier this week and goes into effect on 5/1 . I looked up the plan ypu mentioned and noted very little physician participation in my area,looks like a complete change of docs needed for that plan. On the Humana plan, I will only need to change 1 out of 7 of my doctors and that isnt bad at all.


Dave,I live in Georgia but I know the program is offerd in Texas,South Carolina and Georgia.Its something new the goverment is trying to improve the health of diabetics.The only catch is its only offered in these states right now. Its a great program a nurse calls you monthly and gives you any help you may need and it even includes vision and glasses if needed.It cost about 170 a month but you will save on so much and get free insulin with no copays and the best part is diabetic medicines dont go towards your yearly Gap.You get to keep your same doctor Also Dave.