Question about the Vibe - fior when we in the US can get it

I just replaced my Ping battery and I HATE having to do the entire remind thing and lose any info as to IOB when I change the battery. My (still grieving over the loss of) Cozmore didn't require that. IS it possible that Animas changed that part of life with their pump? I never get to replace the battery when there isn't some IIOB, and I don't know of a way to re-eneter into the pumps brain after the battery change process.

Really ?!? Insulin on board … Look at it before new battery and remember… Not such a big deal! Settings are saved and unless you are eating all day, IOB Is no big deal

I loved my CozMore, too!! Miss it a lot, but I have learned to enjoy the ping.

I am still trying to dial in exactly the value of the IOB. depending. I'm still playing with some math regarding just how long the bolus works in my body and its strength. I try to titrate my correction bolus the higher the bg (I keep a very narrow range try not to be outside of 70-130 at all times. And, because I have to lose 15 lbs to get work, I am not eating all day. Since I have 15 lbs to lose in order to get work, I try to eat is little as possible.

Since I am griping, does anybody else accidently hit the caps button when typing really fast and then have to retype the whole post again!? Sometimes, when I really got on my soapboix and it is a long post. I apologize, say that I am not shouting, and continue in lower-case.

I agree with the Cozmore, it was the best. I have since been on the Omnipod system and now the Ping, neither is as good as it was.

You should call Animas. I have never had that problem - but the one thing I have noticed with this pump is that I lose the date and time and have to reset it. This seems like a bug that needs to be fixed. It did not happen on my other Ping. Having to do a full rewind I also a pain in the butt. I love my pump, but there are definitely annoying things with the Ping that seem unnecessary.

I mentioned to Animas that I lose my date and time (while talking about a different problem) and they said that shouldn't be happening and sent me a new pump!

Another reply re: IOB. When I test, I enter it into the pump (I rarely if ever use the remote) and based on the IOB that determines whether or not I have a meal. If my bg will "support" the IOB then I go on and forget having something to eat. If I need up "tank" up to cover the IOB, I try to determine the minimum necessary. (as I said twice - oops, didn't read before hitting send) I cannot afford to not lose weight. I want to work - I want the income.

If the Ping can save date and time etc for 24 hours, why can't it simply save IOB? It is frustrating to me sometimes as well. If you need to correct a high in a half hour, how do you know how much your body has used and what is remaining IOB? It is an issue for corrections.

Exactly, and those times when I am in god range (say a bg of 80) and there's a lot of IOB I need to do something before, say walking to the grocery store. nd While I can remember the IOB amount when I am changing the battery, I like to know when it is gone too.

I have been using a Vibe for almost a year now and at my last battery change I thought I was going crazy when it reset the date and time for the first time ever. I sat there trying to remember if it had done the same thing every time but sure it hadn't but why do it this time......I eventually rang the Help Desk and they said it happens randomly....hmmm.

And yes a battery change = rewind/re-prime + lose IOB but it is only for a few hours.