Type1, Pump user(since 1980) trying Tresiba and need some help

I’m new here. Type 1 since 1976. MDI, then went on pump in 1980. Currently have 8 basal rates. Last a1c was 5.8(haven’t had one over 6 in yrs since I ck 14x daily because I’m asymptomatic). I have run out of places to put my infusion set because of issues I won’t go into. So, my dr gave me a sample of Tresiba but before I have it filled, I want to make sure I can use it, thus, the sample.

My issue is dealing with the diff basals(I use novolog for highs, boluses). I’ve been reading the forum, for days, trying to find out all I can about Tresiba and many love it, others say they are running high at diff times. My dr is reg dr and can’t help me so I do all my diab things myself(I was a nurse yrs ago).I’m her only patient on a pump. Recently went on Medicare(got part F Humana) and having major issues with strips(only 3-5x strips per day?? Seriously). So, I know I will have to purchase many on my own(Amazon, Generic, etc).
Question: I’m wondering since I need the most insulin from 9a-3p(1.05) and again at 8pm-11pm (1.25) compared to only .275 (and other amts)at another time, how does Tresiba play out since it’s consistent over 40 or so hrs? One of my friends takes 2 humalog for his DP at 9a.m to cover his use of tresiba. '
Would there be a better time for me to inject since Tresiba peaks 3-9hrs later(or so
the charts say?)

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Tresiba’s benefit and drawback is that it is so amazingly steady. If your basal requirements are relatively consistent, I couldn’t think of a more perfect solution. However, if they vary substantially, as in my case, I found that it was not the right insulin for me. It’s a shame, because I was very attracted to the idea of one injection a day with considerable flexibility between times of injection. My evening/nightime needs are about 20% higher than daytime - so I reverted to a split Levemir dose, which when dialed in correctly can give me near-perfect basal rates - just with the added hassle of two injections/day. Based on what you write, your variability in basal needs might be too great to be corrected with Novolog, but you can test it and see.

Your 3X-5X strips per day ration sounds ridiculous. Have you heard about One Drop’s unlimited strip subscription program? Might be worth considering, but I don’t know if Medicare would cover that.

Thank you! I haven’t tried it yet, still trying to gather as much info as I can before I do. Many of my friends use Lantus, or are on a pump. Not sure what I’ll end up using.

Anyone else have any feedback for me on this?

I think the best thing for you to do is try the Tresiba and see how it performs. Keep a log with dose size, time, blood glucose numbers and anything else you consider important like food or exercise. It likely takes at least two days for any dose change to stabilize. I found that my blood glucose did not care what time of day I dosed Tresiba.

I would make sure to test more frequently than you normally do. Perhaps it’s time to get a meter that can use the less expensive strips. When changing insulin regimens, more information is better and safer. Good luck.

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I wish I had an answer. I’ve just started on Tresiba and don’t have much experience with it yet.

Thank you!

Tresiba is one of the good solutions, not the best. Since you have inconsistent reading its best to maintain records for initial usage. Strips are always expensive, well designed to empty our pockets over time Good Luck!!

No personal experience to share, but just read this relevant discussion so want to make sure OP has seen it : Pump to Tresiba - So far very tough.

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I have had type 1 for the same amount of time to the year as you, but a lot less time on the pump. I have always found no matter how good they say the long acting is, if you have a complex basal requirement it can be fixed by increasing doses to twice daily and of differing amounts. Of course YDMV and you won’t know until you try. I can for example pull the pump out and have x units of lantus and my CGM will flatline, so as others have said have a dose and pull your pump and do some BS or watch the CGM, then you will have more to discuss once you know how it effects you. Good luck.

Thank you. I’ve heard of people taking Tresiba twice daily, even tho it’s said not to have a peak, some say it worked better for them doing it that way. Hope to try it out soon. I have major dental work tomorrow and wanted my glucose to be good before I have it done and on the day of… Plan to try things out on Fri.

One thing I have found @Susanelizabeth with many of the new long acting insulins is that I can take them at very varied times, as in several hours difference which I really like as I don’t have to set alarms to remember to take them on the hour each day. I think you will find a lot of people find they too have this advantage on the newish insulins like lantus, tresiba etc.

Thanks. I began today but just posted that I had horrible side effects from it. I’m not sure if they will settle down or might be worse if I take another dose tomorrow.

Gee @Susanelizabeth that’s awful I’ll go read your posts now.