Question for Everyone?

Hey everyone

Over the last few months i have started on the insulin pump with great control my A1C last year was 14.7 and last week my A1C was down to 7 with is very good for me. i have had diabetes for almost 8 years now, my A1C has been as high as 17.4 before. So with the recent new change in my blood sugars since being on pump I have experience a lot of stomach issues and a lot of pain in stomach and back. Doctors have run a lot of test ( blood work, ultrasound and CT scan) and nothing is showing up in them, the doctors are puzzled. My diabetes doctor had said to me when people have recent fast changes in BS in a short period of time can have these problems which I am having. I have never heard of this, and I can't find anything on the internet about this. I was just Wondering if anyone has had this problem before? It is getting worse with me. Any comments anyone would have is a great help to me.
Thank you.

I've not read or heard of stomach problems associated with rapid changes in lowered BG. Know of potential eye problems that can arise. Awesome improvement! Congratulations.

Would be a good idea to get a referral to a gastroenterologist.

Can you give details about your stomach problems? I have gastroparesis, delayed stomach emptying that's a diabetic neuropathy. Not something that can be diagnosed from blood tests, ultrasound or scan. It can be painful & quite uncomfortable. People experience different symptoms & there are degrees of severity. Hope you don't have gastroparesis.

my stomach issue are pain and tenderness in left side and shooting pain from my left frank(side), bad nausea but the pain in going to all of my stomach.

Also i have been told I have diabetic neuropathy

Is this after you eat? Gastroparesis is usually a really full, queasy feeling after meals sometimes with tight feeling pains & nausea. The most telling sign of gastroparesis is lows after eating because insulin is working before food digests. Then, spikes hours later when the stomach empties when insulin has already peaked & is gone, or almost gone.

Another possibility is a food allergy. Wheat & other foods can have this effect. You could try eliminating all wheat first to see if this makes you feel better.

Has anyone looked into your gallbladder? I was terribly sick for three months with "random stomach pains" that were not the typical gallbladder symptoms and I did not have stones. After 3 months or torture a general surgen who is a fried of my aunts did exploritory surgery and found my gallbladder was diseased took it out and everything got better. It is atleast a good think to look into. I hear over and over again of people who need their gallbladder out but doctors miss it over and over again.

Had a Ct Scan they said it was clean and all my organs were fine

You might request them to complete a gastric emptying study test. While symptoms of gastroparesis can be sporadic, this can help getting a diagnosis. In my experience, doctors don't like to diagnosis it because I think they are trained that this only happens after you have been living with dabetes for many years, which isn't true. So they'll run you through every other test in the book before they finally get around to talking about GP. Also be sure they are considering celiac disease.