Question of the day

Would anyone know off hand why my BLS would be over 200 on a vegan diet? this week has been ugly. My BLS is topping out at 220. could be the flu I had. I think I haven’t gotten over it. Could be spiking my BLS?

I guess I just answered this in your other Blog. its vegan, pasta, beans, rice and bread. They are all starch and will rasie BS, and some people more than others are very carb senstitive.
SO this is why your BS are so high. But being sick can raise them also…

Hismouse said wht I was going to say but she left out ne thing poatoes. Their also high starch foods. Oh I just thought of another corn. I love it but have to watch how much of it I eat b/c of it making my bs’s rise.

I’m a vegan too. What exactly did you eat? As a vegan diabetic, unfortunately, most bread, potatoes, rice, pasta are out. Or you have to eat really small portions of them. I can eat beans but just a serving size which is 23 carbs.

The high carb vegan foods are very high in carbs for a very small portion so if you are going to eat them - you will be stuck with 1/2 cup portions - and even that is high carb.

If you have any questions about being diabetic vegan let me know. I was a vegan before I found out I had diabetes so I am an expert.

I stay away from potatoes religiously. Have done so for over ten years. years ago I had read that eating one potato is similar to eating a bowl of sugar. So, I just dropped them from my diet about ten years ago. Long before becoming diabetic. I never knew corn was high GI. I was under the impression it was ok. That might have done it and the cold that just won’t go away (its good to be wanted). I lean toward sweet potatoes, leafy greens, alkaline water, oatmeal ( I make it in the rice cooker ), fruit (except pineapple and watermelon), etc. Vietnamese food works well for me. Alot of veggies, etc.

Oatmeal always makes my bs’s go up, maybe you can handel it better than I do. A cold will keep you a little high til it goes away. I like being wanted but not by a cold! LOL! Watch your servng size on some of those fruits though. When I fall low I use apple juice to come back up.

stay away from instant oatmeal, that is murder on your BLS. old fashioned oats are best. I eat them plain. no sugar, no soymilk. maybe I’ll add blueberries or half a banana. I really am working to adapting my taste buds to no salt, sugar, etc. going back to the good old days of eat it plain. LOL

I am not only tired of oatmeal and will not use the instant oatmeal. Even my g-kids don’t get it! LOL!

It could be that you are not over the flu! Or you have some other infection, or perhaps you are taking some medication, such as antibiotics? It is usual for sugars to go up and should settle if you medicate accordingly.

mistermister, yes corn is high in sugar. Think “high frutose corn syrup” - made from corn. We can’t eat that stuff obvioulsy. Having a little corn mixed in some where probably won’t effect you too negatively but eating a big portion is a lot of sugar and carbs.

Oatmeal is another one. If you are Type 2, you might not be able to handle it. Even just plain steel cut oatmeal with nothing else in it. Are you new to diabetes? You might want to check out the carbs (remember sugar is included the total carb count - so carbs are what you should look at) on a nutritional website for non-packaged items that don’t have the nutritional value on the label.

I use this one:
Just type in your food - you can change the amounts weight etc.

For example, one cup of raw corn is 30 carbs! That is a lot of carbs for just one cup. Plain oatmeal is around 34 carbs for 1 cup! So there really are certain things are are hard for Type 2 to eat that. Most of these are the grains, white flours, potatoes and rices. Sucks but that is the truth unfortunately. I found a low carb sprouted bread I can eat (has honey in it but my choices are so narrow with food I overlook that). But I haven’t touched a potato, rice since I was dx’d - I can eat small bits of pasta. But who wants to eat just 1/3 cup of pasta? Good thing I don’t really like rice so I didn’t mind giving that up. Bread, potatoes and pasta are the hardest.

If you didn’t change your diet and your bg went up, it probably because you are sick than.

I’m a fairly “new” to diabetes. been eating oatmeal, not steel cut. Never any problems. This started when I got the flu. latvianchick may have a point. I feel it’s still lingering. One of those, “I’m not letting go illnesses” that just lingers for days and days. I eat brown rice, pasta, fruit, etc. No animal products. I stay away from all products that use high fructose corn syrup, fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated junk. I eat tons of pasta with no ill effects. Same for oatmeal. I’m moving toward a macrobiotic way of eating which chooses only non processed foods. And I understand Doris’ feeling, oatmeal gets ugggh after some time.
2 weeks ago my BLS was between 110-120 average. This past week its been super high. Hasn’t been that high since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Diabetes is like that wild horse you are trying to tame. It takes time and patience. Thanks for all the feedback and all the kindness. Peace