Low Carb and Vegetarian?

So I know I need to cut out some of those evil carbs, but am really
Struggling, partly because I love carbs and partly because I’m a vegetarian.
Anyone have any good suggestions for someone who wants
to be vegetarian but still eat low carb (and I’m talking low, not no, carb here).

There are a few groups on the site that you might find helpful: Vegetarian Diabetics; Diabetic Vegetarians; and Veganbetics

Sauerkraut yummy and fairly diabetic friendly.

Hi Andie. I’m a vegetarian and wanted to stay one after diagnosis.I thought I ate very healthy when I was diagnosed and I did: all fresh foods, little fried, no sugar, no junk food, but I ate a lot of pasta and rice which no longer worked. I had to really change a lot about how I ate, but found I was able to stay vegetarian and eat “moderate low carb” which for me means under 100. I’m a foodie and love food and cooking, so I don’t think I can get much lower than that and be happy. I find that I have to be very creative and do a fair amount of preparation and cooking to do this as I can no longer just throw some vegies and pasta or vegies and rice together. I bought several new cookbooks, none of them “diabetic” or “low carb” cookbooks which I don’t care for much. Most things I make for dinner are time consuming. My only quick foods I eat now and then are a vegie burger on an orowheat double fiber muffin, (around 38 carbs) and stir frys with no rice. For breakfast it’s easy, scrambles and omelettes and for me 1/2 cup refried beans (homemade). Lunch is usually cheese and crackers and a small serving of fruit or quesadillas with vegies on a low carb tortilla.

Hi Andie! Yeah…what a challenge, huh? I am type 1, about 30 yrs & a veg. I won’t bend on that…can’t stand the thought of eating something that lived. I don’t like eggs either. :frowning: I eat a lot of cheese. And HUMMUS!! Yummmmy! I barely started eating hummus a few years ago & I really enjoy it. Sometimes my dinner may be hummus, crackers (or wheat pita bread), cheese slices, & strawberries/oranges/ whatever fruit I have on hand. Sometimes I add cucumbers. I am Mexican so I grew up with Mex food. I eat a lot of beans. But I eat it with rice to make it a complete protein (beans+rice=complete protein). I do burritos, tostadas (flat tostada crunchy shells) with lettuce/cheese/salsa. I often crave pasta so I make Barilla Plus (added prtn and omega 3’s) angel hair w/ marinara and add steamed veggies. I am a carboholic for sure so I just try my best to get fruits and veggies in my diet and protein. Oh - I make my own smoothies w/ low sugar almond milk, ice, banana, p-nut butter, sweet n low, greek fat free yogurt, and a lil bit of ovaltine. Soooo yummy! Low carb too… Sometimes I add tofu. The smoothie is high in prtn and depending on how you make it can be anywhere from 30 - 45 carbs.
Good luck to you!!! This was a great question because I think we all wanna hear what the others are doing about this situation. Take care!

Lowest carb veggie foods:

Veggie cold cuts
Some seitan products
peanut butter
low carb veggies/salad
Tofu shirataki noodles