Questions about my "honeymoon" period. Opinions are appreciated!

So before I really ask let me give you some background.

Diagnosed: Oct. 23, 2010

Had symptoms for about 2 weeks before diagnosis.

Used Humalog/Lantus pen immediately after diagnosis until beginning of June when I then started on the OmniPod.

I went to the ER on Oct. 23 and based on my 293 four hour fasting number they said I was type 1 diabetic. I think they tested my urine. I don’t remember them taking any blood. I stayed in the ER for a couple hours while they gave me saline and then sent me on my way. Next day I went into the doc and they gave me my meter, prescriptions etc.

My A1c was between 8.7when diagnosed to 7.0-7.6 now. (tested at home and at doctor about a month ago)

Well, its been almost 9 months and I’ve not had much success really gaining control over my blood sugars until I started my pump. When I started that I think for these two months I’ve been on it I’ve only had several highs over 200. And its been a couple weeks or more since I’ve been above 200.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been in the lows lately; waking up, after meals, before meals. A lot a lot below 100. I don’t eat a lot most days only usually 1 or 2 meals with a couple snack like times. Well, I had a non-diet drink and didn’t bolus and noticed an hour after I wasn’t anywhere near high. So I did a little test.

I took my pump of the night before my birthday at 11:00pm July 18. I drank three cokes, had three pizza slices, some cheesy bread, cookie, and some candy.

Tested my blood 45 minutes after: 191.

Two hours after: 152.

Two and a half: 131.

Three+: 100.

So I didn’t put my pump back on. Since then (about 5 days ago) I haven’t given myself any insulin…have not even worn my pump. I’ve eaten carb-y meals, juices, sodas (all for testing purposes, of course :P) and tested before and after the meals like I did the first test runs and my blood sugars are all perfectly normal range.

Note: I usually drank/ate pretty carby meals before. Although I never drank sugar soda, only diet. So its not a huge change, I just am not giving insulin.

What does this mean? I called my doctor and he said I’m still in my honeymoon phase and totally brushed it off but it just seems strange to me.

Is there a chance I wasn’t diagnosed right? That maybe I was type 1.5-2?

Or am I being paranoid and this is completely normal?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Danielle: You are going through a fairly typical honeymoon period, I would say. Most people with Type 1 have a honeymoon period, and since your diabetes was caught early, that means you probably have more remaining beta cells than many Type 1s. It is important to keep testing and keep and eye on things. Also, best not to push those poor sputtering beta cells with high carb meals. Take good care of yourself!

This too shall pass.


I’m sure others will respond with the same answer, that this is a honeymoon phase and will end. However, 191 and 152 are not normal blood sugars, (when I get those numbers I always correct with insulin), so if you stay off insulin for awhile (testing regularly of course) you might want to not eat so many carbs!

I think you should consult your doctor and then reactivate the pump. At least the basal profile should be in your blood stream. Your beta cells have partly recovered because the additional insulin took some of the stress of producing insulin from them. Without any basal you put your beta cells under stress. This will likely shorten your honeymoon period. Because for the next 1 to 2 years wave after wave of immune reactions will attack your beta cells. The less stress these cells have the better they can regrow in the presence of these attacks. The longer you can keep your beta cells the better. If you just manage to keep a tiny amount of these cells this will determine the long term success of your diabetes management. And like Zoe I think that the numbers at the one and two hour mark are too high. These numbers are showing that you have less than the needed amount of remaining beta cells.

I went through a period where I went a few days without insulin too, and my blood sugars stayed very good, but that never lasted for me. You could be T1 with a very long honeymoon or T1.5. For me I seemed to have the honeymoon run out around the 10 month timeframe. In my honeymoon phase I did a similar test, where I drank a bottle of gatorade with no insulin and my BG topped out at 8.5 mmol/L around 30 minutes and came back to 6 mmol/L after 2 hours. I must say that you are very brave drinking 3 cokes with no insulin, glad to hear that your body handled it so well without insulin. You will likely see your insulin requirements slowly creep up over the next few months or years. My advise would be not to get too caught up about it, just enjoy your extra long honeymoon phase.