Questions about the OmniPod

Thinking about using the OmniPod? Wondering how it works? Post your question here.

Many questions are already answered in the FAQs on the official OmniPod website. You can find other answers to FAQs at

We are using the software supplied by Insuet. Am hearing internet chatter that there is a new program in development. Please shout out if anyone hears when/if it is released.

Hey Joanne
I have had the same problem with the adhesive coming off. Mostly when I use the IV prep and swim or run or sweat like crazy. I’ve even been know to try and tape it on but eventually it becomes loose and painful. Insulet suggested not using the prep and just cleaning the skin with alcohol. I have done this and it seems to help with staying put but it does ich my skin more. I haven’t tried anything else. As far as the site, I’m not sure why you’d need to find another site as long as you change up. I will wear mine on my lower back (upper rear) to give my stomach a rest but I prefer the stomach because it seems to absorb better and I can hide it better as well. I’d love to hear of new places to wear these! I’m scared to death to attach to my arm…

My favorite place is my arm. I put it on the upper tricept and other than being careful when putting on and taking off my shirt It feels like it isn’t even there.


Aha! I got brave last night and tried my upper arm. I LOVE it. I am going to the gym at lunch and will see how it does with a kettle bell work out! Does anyone have any ideas for covering it up? Like a ace bandage or something? I’m not sure if I’m cool enough to wear the POD itself with my running tanks…Silly I know.

I have heard of others usng an ace bandage or Iv3000 over the Pod. think that the poundng from running might make the pod bounce too much unless it is secured. When I cycle it is fine because there is not that much motion.


Well I didn’t actually get to the gym yesterday but I did buy both an ace bandage and some kind of adhesive patch to go over the POD. Seems I put the POD too close to one side of my arm and the adhesive backing was trying to peel off right at the insertion site. I hate that. I have been known to duck tape the thing until I could rig it better! Anyway, I think you are right about the bouncing. I’m going to use both today. Thanks for the tip!