Omnipod and Working Out/ Sweating Buckets

I started with omnipod about 2 weeks ago. Excited about what it's already doing for my levels, but I'm struggling with the adhesive sticking.
I clean the site with alcohol wipes and use the skin tac when setting up a new pod.
I am very active and my workout are pretty intense. I am also a volleyball coach, so my work life is active as well! For workouts and work I always wrap the pod so it doesn't slide around, and I use k-tape over the pod to keep it stable in general. Unfortunately I was blessed with the great ability to sweat profusely and the adhesive doesn't like that.

I was wondering if people have other resources or tips to keep the adhesive sticking strong for more than 1 day? Or if any other sweaty monsters have any tips?

Pod user. Similar tale. Similar activity. I play a lot of racquetball. You just get this product and apply after cleaning the skin with the antiseptic wipe. It’s amazing. I only lost a pod after going on some gigantic jacuzzi jets but never fell off during sports again or while running. It’s called Mastisol. I hope it works for you too!!

Thanks! I’ll check it out!!

Yep; this is the one scenario which can float my pod off. I've used the 4" x 4 3/4" 3M Tegaderm patches (1626W) in the past and they seem to help, but if they float off then they're quite likely to take the pod too.

Insulet don't recommend those (though they don't recommend against them either) and they do create an air-tight barrier around the pod, which might case problems because the pod is designed to be vented to the air. Insulet have their own set of recommendations:

They recommend Mastisol; I think I'm going to try it too.

Insulet also recommend Hollister Medical Adhesive and it gets good reports for adhesion of prosthetics. Dow also make prosthetic adhesives:

But I couldn't see any suppliers for MD7-4602 or MD7-4502 on the web.

I buy 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol in quart containers and use that with cotton pads, in large quantities, to clean my skin first. The alcohol wipes I can get just don't have enough cleaning power. Showering first helps too, but neither of these approaches is enough for serious, sweaty, excercise. Walgreens sell alcohol spray cans that work well when travelling (packing a quart of alcohol in checked baggage is not a good idea.)

John Bowler

Thanks so much!! Looking into the information you sent now!!