Omnipod Adhesives

Thanks to all of you for your input. It has really helped me prepare for getting my OmniPod next week. I’ve read many comments about the OmniPod adhesive not doing the job and that many of you are using others in addition to what is currently on the pod. I’m getting ready to ride (cycle) the MS 150 from Houston to Austin, TX and I’m concerned about sweating too much and losing the pod on the way. So far, I’ve documented (1) Tough Skin and using (2) Skintac on the skin and Tegaderm on top of that and then placing the pod. If you have another that is good, Could you please let me (us) know. Thanks!

What is tough skin? I have not heard of that one. DH uses iv prep and then tegaderm on top. That has seemed to be the best so far. But we are 1 week today into all this!

I’m not sure what any of it is other than adhesives and bonds that help the adhesives adhere…say that 10 times fast! When I contacted my Insulet gal, she said they had all kinds of helpful tricks up their sleeve. She said that nothing should be used under the pod because it can cause the canula to not work properly and therefore mess a pod up. I asked her to get on here, view the comments and list the tricks that worked for us…

Dana, unless you have had problems with with your pod not sticking previously, you should not assume that you will have any problem with sweat. I do a lot of cycling and have never had an issue with a pod not sticking securely for the full three days unless I manage to rip it off by accident. I would recommend that you always prepare the site well, I just use an alcohol wipe, prior to placement.

Thanks so much for your advice. I’ll be getting trained next week so I’m just going by what I’ve read and how much I know I sweat. Thanks again for your input.

I also have not had trouble with the adhesive, and I play basketball once or twice a week. It probably depends on your skin type and body chemistry. Hopefully, you will have no problems.

The only trouble I’ve had is with getting the blame thing off!

I soak it in hot water for a few minutes before the change- otherwise it takes the top layer of hide with it.

Time, I totally appreciate your positive response as I have been scheduled to receive my pod today and it did not get here and I’m scheduled for my training on Monday at 4:15…wondr how that will work without the Starter Kit? but after I get it and get trained, I will remember your advice to prep the site well. Thanks for your response and good luck to you with your cycling. I’ve got a 60 mile ride tomorrow…

Thanks, Jim, for your response. I’m glad to know that you’re active and don’t have a problem. I just ran into 7 threads that mentioned it being a real issue. I’m praying for the best. Again, thanks! Happy weekend!

Oh no! I haven’t heard that from anyone. What does your CDE tell you to do other than soaking it. Wow! What a trip! Best of luck to you and thanks for your input. Have a great weekend!

Omnipod finally got the message to improve the adhesive. It does not fall off
as easy and has been more difficult to take off.

I don’t have any problems with the Omnipod’s adhesive and I live in a high humid area, plus I go snorkeling with it. Now the G6 is another matter…

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If only we could have the Omnipod adhesive on the G6!

Yes, the Omnipod adhesive works just fine for up to 3 days. If you have problems getting it off, try Tac Away.

The BIG key is to have the area clean and sweat free first. Alcohol swabs work great. And for us males, I find that it helps to shave my stomach as stomach hair can cause adhesion issues (more so with the G6 though).

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