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Can anyone share more details on ?

It looks like a non-profit that will visualize health data associated with diabetes.

It also looks like there is an option to share data with the research community?

My main concern is how is this ‘non-profit’ funded currently with ~24 employee’s funded. Is it funded by donations? Or are they selling shared data to fund this service?

I’m hoping someone can help me better understand because I’m very interested in this service but I am careful with how/where I share data.

Thank you

Hi Chris. I’m the Community Manager at Tidepool.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we provide our software for free to people with diabetes, their care teams, and clinicians. We are supported by public and private grant-making foundations like JDRF (you’ll see their logo everywhere on our software and emails), Goldsmith Foundation, and Helmsley Charitable Trust.

We also generate revenue through our support for research and clinical studies. Specifically, Tidepool Clinical Study Platform can be used as a backend for metabolic studies. Additionally, we ask our users if they would like to opt-in to donate their data to Tidepool Big Data Donation Project. If they choose to participate, we will anonymize and de-identify their data. Those donated datasets are then licensed out to industry partners and academic institutions for their big data efforts.

We disclose all of the groups who have licensed data from us at Tidepool - transparency is key for us.

At Tidepool, we believe people with diabetes own their data. Our job is to empower PWDs to do cool stuff with their data. If they want to share it with their Doctor, we’ll provide that option. If they want to donate their data, we’ll provide that option as well. Everything that is done with PWD data is done with their explicit consent. At the end of the day, our mission is to make your data accessible, meaningful, and actionable, and we think our free software is the way to do that.

I’ll bookmark this thread in case you (Chris), or anyone else have any questions about how we do things.

Have a nice day!

-Christopher Snider
Tidepool Community Manager

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Thank you for the explanation. I did start going through the site last night for the details but it wasn’t completely clear to me.

I did try the service last night but the Mac Uploader so far did not work with my Contour Next One. I will try it again because I’m interested to see how it presents my data in the web app.

Thank you

If you still run into problems, you can send an email to and we’ll help figure things out.

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Thanks for jumping in, @Christopher_Snider :slightly_smiling_face:

On 2/28/20 my mobile Tidepool app stopped accepting Notes. The app freezes when the “+” is pressed. Delete/reinstall didn’t fix. Tidepool support instructed on how to send a log, which I tried, but no response as yet. Is anyone else having this problem? (iOS v 13.3.1, Tidepool mobile v2.1.12. Won’t sysnc with Apple Health, never get the “last Reading 1 minute Ago”, fails with Manual sync, can’t get Tidepool to show in the “Data Sources” box under “Data Sources and Access” in Health.)

I have the same iOS and Tidepool mobile versions (iPhone 10XS) as you do and I am having no problems submitting notes. Tidepool is also shown in Apple Health as an app allowed to read data. Sorry you’re having issues.

I can enter Notes on the desktop Chrome site, just not the mobile app, and they show in the mobile app once entered. I suspect it has Thanks for responding.