Anyone heard of Tidepool+Dexcom?

I just got this email (although I don't know why!), but I have never heard of Tidepool.
I do know that it's been a pain to upload my G4 data (still can't do it on a Mac) so hopefully this is good news:

It’s official! Dexcom and Tidepool have entered into an agreement that will allow all applications built on the Tidepool Platform to connect to the Dexcom G4 receiver.

What does this mean for Dexcom users? A lot:

Tidepool’s Universal Device uploader is Mac and PC compatible, so you’ll be able upload your Dexcom data easily from your favorite computer.

If you use a Medtronic pump and a Dexcom CGM, you’ll be able to see all of your data in one place in Tidepool’s applications. (The Tidepool Platform can read your data from Medtronic’s CareLink platform.)

As more device makers follow suit, all of your diabetes data will show up in one place in easy-to-use apps that help reduce the burden of managing type 1.

Most importantly, this is yet another diabetes device company saying loud and clear: You own your data, and you should have choice in what applications you use to access and view that data. Asante led the way for insulin pump companies. Dexcom is now the first CGM maker. We are hopeful that Insulet (OmniPod), Tandem (t:slim), Animas (Ping) and Medtronic will follow suit soon! We’re actively talking to them all.

I did a quick search on tuDiabetes for Tidepool and found this:

I upload my OmniPod & Dexcom data to Diasend.
It’s easy!

My husband has been down loading mine since I started my CGM six months ago. I can not say enough for the great support the people of Dexcom and my insurance company that have have individuals versed in these units they do lead they way in training. My Dexcom rep. that got me started with insertion spent all the time I needed and gave me her # if I needed any follow up assistance. Always great to give a good shout out to an excellent leader.

Just have a look at their website. Very nice people with very nice goals. I also did receive the mail, after I subscribed to their announcement list (either here or on myglu - don't remember). The Dexcom announcement came a while ago, in the Dexcom earning call. Besides the fact that it can become a very nice T1D management portal and research resource, there's the much larger issue of medical data ownership. A lot of companies would like to keep a completely closed approach. They could, for example, lock you into proprietary data formats, subscription based clouds, etc... Tidepool aims to counter that trend, an much more.

I use disend on a mac. I can upload all of my Dexcome G4 data on there. using Maveriicks

my Omnipod does not seem to want to upload to disend. what cable are you using for it? i have no problems uploading my dexcom from windows or a mac

I bought a USB cable that fit the OmniPod.

The Dexcom uses a diasend uploader app. With the OmniPod, I have to login to the website, click upload & select the OmniPod drive, then the file (you only see one file).

I have a Mac and have never been able to connect either Dexcom Platinum or Omnipod. It is so hard to upload and decipher data I have all but given up.Myabe there is hope wish someone could add a link to find out more.

I could not upload to diasend prior to the update since then I can. I registered as international I am in Canada. Then I open up uploader plug my cable inn then my receiver and it uploads I quit then sign I. And all my data is there

I discovered Tidepool the other day. I think it's a fantastic concept, and immediately donated some $$ to the cause.