Questions for Mom's or Caregivers

Hi, I have a 14 yo who has diabetes. I recently thought about the things that I have in my purse. I carry a glycogen kit, apple juice, glucose tablets. Thinking about this, I was saying to myself, if I were in a car accident and could not speak for myself (unconscious or something) Would they think I was the diabetic? If I were by myself or even with my daughter in the car (We are getting a bracelet for her). My question is this: Do you carry something in your purse explaining that you are not the diabetic that your child is? Or do you cary a different bag for these things and just have them in the car / stroller or just with you if you are all out?
I would just hate for something to happen and have them think that I was the diabetic and have bad effects because of it.

I am not a Mom or a caregiver… so I hope you don’t mind my 2 cents. If EMT, or a emergency room though you were a diabetic, and you were semi or unconscious, they might give you the juice, the glucose, or even the glycogen. None would hurt you. Most likely they would test your blood sugar, which also wouldn’t hurt you. Soooo, I don’t see any bad effects. =)

I agree with Joe.They would try all the remedies if you were not able to speak for yourself and none of it would hurt you.

Great Thank you. I don’t mind carrying all of the things with me. ~8:o) I just wanted to be sure that there would be no mistake. ~8:o) Thank you so much.