Bag for meter and supplies

After my daughter was diagnosed over a year and a half ago, we bought a fanny pack bag for her to carry her meter, juice, glucose tabs, etc with her everywhere. It really is a great size, but now that it is worn out, we can’t seem to find another one. Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement bag that they use for their child’s supplies? Also, we need to get her a new durable diabetes bracelet to wear to school. Any suggestions for a good website for those? Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

My daughter just uses a purse. I always buy them at Ross or TJ Max and usually pick them up for less than $20. There are also a lot of choices for younger trendier purses.

Wish I could help with the bracelet, but my daughter will only wear necklaces.

I just saw some cute ones at…it’s under diabetes organizers…not cheap but I like them.
Good luck !

Someone on this site referred us to for diabetes bracelets. Lots of choices.


Go online to
It is a website that has cute bags for diabetics!

Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I am checking out all the sites and I’m sure I’ll find just what I need!

My son likes a bracelet (like the Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelet) that is black with a red medic alert on it. We like it because he never has to take it off to shower or swim and is very durable. They had other colors and sizees including colored cammo.

We got it at a specialty store for Runners. It can also be connected to their database for runners or bikers to store their emergency information and trip information. We have put all of our information and doctor’s information in the database. The 800 # and ID is imbedded in the plastic.

But, my son is older and also has his Drivers License with him and marked as diabetic. If you want all of the information on the band itself, there is another product called “Road ID” where emergency info is engraved on a plate on the web bracelet.

I recently bought one through AVON. It is stylish too. I really like it! Here is a picture link.

If you would like to make a puchase here is my Website link and use CODE: FIRSTREP for FREE direct shipping.

Waist Pouch
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