Questions for new JDRF President, CEO

You may have read it in the past. Every month, there is a JDRF Blogger Roundtable, hosted by Allison Blass.

This month, we are being asked to submit any questions we may have for the newly hired President and CEO of JDRF, Alan Lewis, former CEO of Novocell. Here are some more details about him:

I can only send up to 3 questions but I wanted to turn to you and ask you if any of YOU had any questions you would like me to ask on your behalf.

Please let me know before Monday, Jan. 26. Feel free to post the question here or send me a private message.


Thanks Manny. Is type 1.5 more of an agenda for JDRF, or is it more under the umbrella of the ADA?

I accidentally posted this in this group, instead of the main forum. Here is the link to the forum topic: