New To The Forum!

I am new to this forum and fairly new to Diabetes.
One year ago, today, I was formally diagnosed as Diabetic (after being rushed to the ER with a serious case of DKA).
I just found out I was Type 1 (well properly diagnosed) like six months ago (well, Type 1.5, LADA). Anyway, last year I thought my life was over. Now, I can't imagine my life not bolusing insulin, counting carbs, and checking my blood sugars.
The only problem I've had with my Diabetes (other than a near death experience, haha)is a sense of isolation. I want to meet other people with Diabetes, online and off, so that I can relate to someone else. No matter how much others emphasize it is nice to be able to talk about: hypos, highs, bolus, basal, tests, doctor's appointments, and etc.
So I hope to find that here, in addition to learning new information.
I lurked on this site for awhile and finally decided to join.
Glad to be included in the club nobody really wants to join. :0)

emphasize = empathize! Bleah.

Hi Toddy, welcome to the TuD family. Glad you found us, and glad you jumped in!

hi toddy! its strange how you can get used to all of this D routine so quickly and forget what life was like without it, isnt it? i dont know what i thought about before D! i joke that i had tom and jerry cartoons on continuous loop in my brain...i have gotten way better at doing maths in my head!
welcome to tuD. sorry you had to join.

Welcome!!! I think many of us have felt alone, our family, friends and colleagues don't have diabetes and just don't understand. You are not alone.

Thanks a lot everybody! :0)


I agree about the isolationism! I've run into a few people I know IRL but way more "community" online. I participated in one other board before coming here and also did quite a bit of boarding about fantasy baseball and I like message boards the best for answers and chatting. I have met a few people on FB and like kibbitzing there but I don't see tough D questions getting answered as much as kvetched about there. I see answers on Tu and other message boards but the pace of the traffic here is nice and reminds me of a diabetes cocktail party. Maybe because I post and drink while I'm making dinner, since our computers are next to the kitchen?

Hi Toddy and welcome! You are definitely not alone. I don't know what I would do without TuD. It helped me make my correct diagnosis of LADA/Type 1 4 years ago and it's helped me innumerable times since. I also highly recommend connecting with other Type 1's in your area. Since you live in a major city I'm sure the JDRF branch there has social activities and groups. Some of the smaller branches still seem stuck providing activities just to children and families but in the larger branch I connected with in San Francisco there were many social activities for adults and they helped me start a Type 1 Women's Group that is happily going on over two years later. I also suggest you look for the group for your state on here to get some local connections as well.

Thank you Zoe! Glad to be here. I am actually just created a MeetUp group for Type 1 Diabetics in my city and I'm hoping to start getting some members really soon.

also Toddy, please join our Texas Group

you can post a discussion there about meetups in Houston. oh, and welcome!!!

Thanks you for the link Marie! :0)

Welcome Toddy! This is a great site. Very supportive people from all over.

Thank you Blondie! :0)