Questions on the Tslim X2

I started on my tslim X2 today. I have a few things I couldn’t work out, hoping some tslim pumpers can help:

  1. Is there a way to just enter the BG without needing to bolus. I check my sugars between meals and want to record the BG on my pump so it cascades down to the reports. I can’t find a way except going into bolus and just entering BG and not entering any carbs. Is this the correct way to do it?

  2. Is there a shortcut or quick status where I can find out what my last BG was without traversing the pump history

  3. Why is that the temp basal won’t let me set the % to 10%. It says its lower than the minimum basal and auto adjusts it to 12%. It lets me set to 0% though.

  4. Is there an exercise marker where I can mark the time I did exercise?

  5. How do I know when there is a software update I can download? How often is a new version of software released - is it only major milestones like Basal IQ and Control IQ or do they have minor releases to fix bugs and make enhancements?

  6. Is there a screen protector already applied on the pump out of the box?? I can’t tell whether it’s just raised glass or whether a screen protector has already been applied to the pump. Does Tandem replace screen protectors once they become scratched?

Thank you

As o recall, the t:slim minimum bolus is 0.05 U/hr. So, if your current basal rate is 0.4 U/hr, a request for 10% would be 0.04 U/hr … which is lower than the minimum.

So, the pump is automatically scaling up your request so that it can pump 0.05 U/hr … which is actually 12.5% of your basal rate, but the display rounds that number to 12% because it doesn’t display fractional percent.

Of course, it can do zero basal … no pumping = zero basal.

I hope that is clear …


There is a screen protector already applied on the pump out of the box. Pump Peelz sells them rather inexpensively, but you could try Tandem support for a new one. As long as the pump is in warranty the s|m to take care of everything including the rubber charge port cover.

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They will release versions between major updates. Check with Tandem on how they will notify you. I receive an e-mail.

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Do you use T:Connect? There is a mobile and web version available.

I also use xDrip and can see more detail for dexcom bg trend/values, add notes, etc, but works with Android only.

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@John_S2 Ah makes sense. Thanks for that. I wonder why my Medtronic pump never complaint about this :thinking:

I wasn’t told about tconnect today, is it the same as diasend? Is tconnect only CGMS because I’m not using CGMS at the moment. Is it capable of viewing my manually entered pump readings without CGMs?

I also tried to download it just now, not available it says. I’m in Australia so we are probably months behind :sweat:.

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T:Connect shows both cgms and pump data, over the timeline with events. For example when CIQ overrides basal or sets a bolus correction, it shows on timeline.

Are you on Basal-IQ only?

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Nope I’m on the version before basal IQ.:sweat_smile:. We are behind!

Sorry ! I thought they started using X2 to refer to the B-IQ, C-IQ versions!!
I just started C-IQ a few weeks ago, switching from using medtronic for 25+ years.

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In Australia, we just recently (I think in March) had approval for basal IQ, I’m actually not sure whether it has been rolled out just yet.

I was also a Medtronic user for 8 years, second day in x2 and kind of loving it. There are things I think Medtronic did a bit better like the seperate entry of the bolus, basal and correction factor but I knew about this before getting the pump so it’s not a show stopper.

I like how small the pump is, I was surprised at the size. With the case it’s a bit bulkier but still smaller than the Medtronic.

I am hoping there are regular minor updates that will add features like an exercise marker. I’m still trying to work out how to get notified for them. There is so many things that can be added via software, if they do regular releases like they do on phones, that would be fab!

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Thanks, did you have to sign up to a mailing list or something? Or do they just notify you automatically via the details they have on file?

I read a lot of complaints about the clip on the tslim so had very low expectations. I was surprised its not as bad as people are saying. Maybe it’s still early days and the clip hasn’t lost the tightness, but I haven’t experienced any issues with the pump falling off and its quite securely attached.

This is a photo of what mine looks like, for people that were having issues, could this be a revised version?


Here is a photo of my clip/case that I have been using for about a year:


While I choose to mount my clip “crosswise”, you can see that your metal portion of the clip does have a different shape with a longer flat gripping surface.

Note: even the original clip style works pretty well for me, although I can easily imagine that your clip style would be an improvement. In my experience, the failure mode after time is that the plastic “crossbar” under which the metal clip slides ultimately will break off. Of course, you can then temporarily rotate 90 degrees until you can get a replacement clip.

Best of luck with your X2.

And stay safe, even though you in Australia seem to be handling the pandemic dramatically better than those of us in the US.


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You actually got a new clip. That type is only a few weeks old. I actually liked the old clip, too, but it was notorious for falling off when you bent over. The old one was curvier.

FYI, use butter knife to stretch the thin plastic surrounding the button cover on the case. Will make it a lot easier to press the button.

And yes, the only way to look a BG with the pump is to enter it in the bolus wizard, then cancel the bolus, if you don’t want it.

The pump really is optimized for using it with a CGM. There’s no easier way to access those manually entered numbers for you yet, other than scrolling the history. T:connect did exist as a desktop computer application, before they launched the app, though. It only takes a few moments to upload your data, once you have the software installed. Have you tried connecting the pump to the computer yet? There’s actually let’s of nice data displays available there. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with your Tandem Portal anyway, because that’s where you’ll need to go for software updates, too. (you may actually have a different email address in your country, I honestly don’t know.)

I’m afraid your easiest option would probably be a third party app designed for tracking BG data, though.

Tandem does actually issue a few software updates that aren’t announced at all. They only make a big deal out of major new features. There’s exists one for me now, currently running v7.3.1 (first commercial release of Control-IQ) and updatable to v7.4. I called customer support to see what the changes were, and turns out it’s nothing I’m interested in. All they did was reorganize the menu layout a bit and change words on confirmation screens to be more universally recognized “x” and “✓”. So, I’ll ignore that update until a bigger one I want comes along.

And no, you don’t need to register for a mailing list. I believe they have your email already, if not, they will once you register your portal account. You’ll occasionally receive communications from them, usually skiing for product feedback, sometimes announcing exciting news (updates) or inviting you to participate in clinical research.

There is an exercise feature coming to you when you get the Control-IQ update, but not yet on your software version.

Yes, the pumps come to you with a screen protector already installed. You don’t have to buy one.

One more be FYI, make sure you do install at least the big updates, even if you don’t want to use the CGM integration. There are other smaller things in the background that are important. For instance, the ability to connect the pump to your phone came slipped in the latest software updates of Basal-IQ and Control-IQ (though I’m guessing the app itself hasn’t been approved in Australia yet.). I know there was at least one bug fix to prevent occlusion alarms along the way, too, that was slipped into a major update without mention.

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No, sending updates when there’s an available update for your pump should happen automatically. If you’re concerned you’re not correctly on their list, I would just call.

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I actually like the case as well. The failure mode for me is when the spring distance between the long and short side increases with use. I just removed the clip and closed it back to original dimensions using a vice. I’ve been using the same cover for about 2 years and tightened it twice.

Maybe the new design has a stronger clip?

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Thank you everyone, that was really helpful!!

Yeah it does seem that there is more grip with the new clip design - it actually has some tracks underneath where the black square is. It seems to have a strong hold (so far from the 3 days I’ve had it). But sounds like from what you guys are saying, the case is prone to fail over time. I did however notice that the clip distance from the back of the case has possibly increased a bit as it’s slightly angled out now - not sure whether it was initially like that though.

Does tandem send you a replacement case and clip when it breaks, or do they make you buy and new one?

You too! We are starting our second wave now and it’s coming back with a vengeance with more cases than the first and we are seeing it harder to slow the cases down. That’s in Victoria. All the other states are still in double digits but slowly climbing. In the greater scheme of things, we are nothing compared to what’s going on over in your part of the world😣. Stay safe everyone. I hope this will be all over soon!


I have bought replacement cases myself. Others may have a different story given the fact that everyone in the US, seemingly, has different coverage and rules.

I am absolutely NOT complaining about buying an occasional case. Between Medicare an my supplemental insurance, I pay nothing for insulin, pump supplies, and CGM sensors. I am lucky in that regard and try to be thankful to be in that position every day.

Best wishes with your new X2.


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No, the cases aren’t covered by warranty, and really aren’t necessary, either, unless you’re highly accident prone. The pumps are built like little tanks, the screen is the weakest point, and even that’s shatter-resistant.

They will sometimes send a good faith one, though. The original cases were awful, and mine broke within the first month I had my pump. They had just announced new cases, but weren’t selling them yet, and I was so mad that I’d have to pay for one for my brand new pump. The tech support person I talked to actually did send me the new case free of charge, “extenuating circumstances”. It’s not normal behavior, though.

I don’t even use a case anymore. I stuck a clip right to the pump, which is actually a pretty common option.

I’m curious about your first impressions of the pump? Have you had to make many adjustments from your previous settings?

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