TSlim review transition from a Ping

Hello to all. I am new to the site but decided to join after I recently found so much good info about comparison of pumps and people’s great personal observations. I recently changed from a Ping to a Tslim. I really like the TSlim but I will say there a few things that I also dislike. On a positive note, no pump is perfect and at least Tandem seems very willing to listen to idea’s and has a willingness to modify the pump to what the consumers want compared to Animus. Also Tandem seems to be really trying to change the pump market and the way we interact with our pump … I am all for this change.
So for what it’s worth here is my summary of thoughts about the Tslim

Here is my update after wearing my new pump for a few days…

• I like it in general. It is easy to operate.
• Really like the profile settings. I like how easy it is to adjust.
• When the pump times out and you turn it back on it takes you back to where you were. Nice feature.
• Easy to read screen as long as I am inside. Alittle challenging in bright sunlight but so is my phone. LOL
• Tconect is also way better than the Ping at syncing. Much faster and better graphs etc. Also works with Mac for those who need this.
• Easy to navigate pump.
• I love the rechargeable battery. It’s fast and easy to use. Much cheaper than the $7-9 batteries my ping used. I charge it when I am in the shower.
• I don’t have battery caps and cartridge caps to buy that I had to pay for out of pocket which are supposed to be changed every 30 days at about $35-40 a pop for both. My insurance paid before but the Animus said they have no codes and stopped billing them. Really maybe they have just been sending them with no codes so in essence they were free. Who knows but they aren’t cheap to buy.
• Changing the cartridge was not a problem, it’s easy. I had no bubbles.
• The temp basal in alittle different to set up compared to my Ping but is easy enough.
• The manual is very well written and helpful.

Here is a list of things that I would like to see updated:
o Need much stronger vibration- I have read many notes about this from other users as well.
o Need much louder tones. Also I need to be able to hear these when I set them up so I know what it sounds like before it goes off. Dexcom has a try it button. I have read many notes about this from other users as well.
o I would like to see adjustable font size.
o Screen contrast/brightness adjustment. Hard to read in the sun. Still easier to rad than my Ping.
o The total daily dose per day vs today, 14 day, 30 day averages. I frequently looked at total daily insulin for yesterday or day before that just to see where I am in average for two or three days vs last 7 days. This was on Ping. I do like averages that the TSlim has vs ping but I already miss this option.
o I really miss the EZ BG feature on Ping. This much more complicated with the Tslim pump and takes many more steps. On the Ping you just enter your BG and the pump with adjustable correction tells you instantly based on BG, IOB if you need more insulin or not or if you are over. I figured out how to do this with the TSlim pump but it’s a pain.
o Priming the line is more of a pain but I am just priming with the insulin and a syringe… it takes way too long for the pump to do it. I would never wait this long to prime my line and I only use 23” line.
o I really LOVE the Bayer Contour Next USB meter. I know that Medtronic made a deal with them but this is the best little meter I have ever used. It is easy to read contrast and large font, has a light on the strip insert (who knew that we didn’t have to carry have another light source to test in the dark), it’s fast, requires smaller amount of blood, is small, has a rechargeable a battery, appears to be very accurate compared to my ping meter and dexcom and it gives you second chance to add to blood so you don’t waste a strip. I only WISH that I could sync it with my tslim on tconnect. I know that it can’t be the meter remote and actually I am ok with that. It was nice feature and while I might miss it (don’t yet) if I could just integrate it with my tconnect then my numbers would be much more accurate n my dashboard. As of now I have dexcom numbers, pump numbers and meter numbers, what a mess to get a real picture.
o I really hate the case that comes with the tslim it’s huge and bulky. It reminds me of a large rotating pager case with a belt clip. Thanks to my local Tandem rep I have the pink smaller case for free. I would like to see gel skins as an option.
o I would like the luer lock a little farther from the pump so I can tuck it into my clothes better. It is in the way. I do like not having the bulky knob on the top of the pump like the Ping so this is better. If the tubing for the luer lock was twice as long as it is now would be awesome.
o My number one issue is the lack of the adjustable correction. This is a really a pain to do the math all the time, I shouldn’t have to do this on a pump. It is hard set at 70, unlike my Ping. Frankly my target is 120 so I have to enter in a manual deduction every time I am under 120. This almost made me opt out of the pump but I still think it’s the best option for now. Sometime late next year the Dexcom should be integrated into the assuming all goes well the FDA. Tandem said the hardset at 70 is being addressed and is a frequent compliant. The pump adjusts for corrections upwards with an issue. Hoping it is fixed soon. As a side note, I can hardly read the Ping screen now so when the Vibe comes out in the US integrated with Dexcom I can’t imagine trying to read the numbers for the Dexcom on that little screen. This was one major issue which pushed me to TSlim. I am not a Medtronic fan at all.

Overall I really like the pump but sadly I would not recommend it for a new pumper. It is too complicated without the adjustable correction and EZ BG. It’s hard enough to start a pump without having to figure out these things too. I think the Ping was much easier to learn from this perspective. I do think if Tandem will update a few things in a software update I would change my mind. I am still hoping. If this is a clear as mud or you have any questions. Please ask… I will be happy to answer them.

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Thanks for the scrupulously detailed review!! I'm interested in some of the features of the T-slim but am getting ok results w/ Medtronic and am leery of rocking the boat. I like reading these reviews though, since it's always good to know what's out there!

Do whatever works for you. I was up for a new pump and it seemed like the best on the market with the best potential in the future. I also like that the agreement with the JDF is with Tandem for the new dual chamber pump.

Thanks for the detailed review. Maybe I'm just unaware, but it seems that the pump companies do not put enough inquiry into real pump users, like you, when they are actually making design decisions. Tandem made a big deal of all the user studies they did, but some of the simple observations that you, as a seasoned pump user, made still did not produce a pump with little, if any, drawbacks.

Perhaps they do ask some users some questions but I sense that that part of the project is given short shrift and more money is thrown at engineering and FDA considerations. Pump screen visibility, both in font size for us aging baby boomers and sunlight visibility, is a good case in point. Why can't the pump manufacturer spend a few dollars more on a screen that's visible in the sunlight?

I sometimes wonder if the pump manufacturers even read reviews like you've written. Or do they just think that the FDA cement has set and this design will not/can not change.


I don't know the correct answer. I have been in touch with the people in Tandem, even today they commented on my comments and suggestions. I agree that the wheels turn slowly as far as change but at least they seem to be in contact. I agree that some of these suggestions seem simple. I even made two to Dexcom that I will post on another thread that were received well.

I have returned 100 defective infusion sets from Unimedical that I got from Animus last year with no reply. In fact Unimedical only has a Mexico phone number that is disconnected, an email address that no one replies to and Animus just doesn't care. I even had to fight to just get replacements. So while Tandem's pump isn't the ebst at least they care, this by far is a great step foward.

Sorry to hear of the poor customer service that you received from Animas regarding their infusion sets. I have a Ping and use Unomedical sets, too. I used to use the Inset 30 but switched to the Inset 6 mm last year. I’ve not had any reason to contact Unomedical but your experience does not sound good.

What defect did you discover in the infusion sets?

I was using the inset 30. Last summer around June/July I think they changed the manufacturing process because it all started about that time and I had been using them for several years without an issue. Almost every set within a few hours to 1 day had a hols in the clear window part of the set while you were wearing it causing your insulin to get on your clothes rather than in you. Try to figure out based on the circle size on your clothes how much insulin you missed is impossible at best. After 100 defective sets I was past frustrated.

Tx for the review, always interesting to read what a pump is really like to use. The Tslim is definitely a worthy choice. I like Terry's comment re "FDA cement." Seems like pumps change very little after their initial design. The pump market is pouring R&D into integrating CGM and the Artificial Pancreas but not the smaller feature changes we want to see after actually, you know, using the pumps.

That’s curious. I was using the Inset 30’s in the spring of '12 and had a lot of unexplained hyperglycemia. I eventually attributed it to overused infusion sites and poor absorption. When I finally switched to the Inset 6 mm, after a 5 month detour using the Omnipod, my absorption became much more consistent and good control returned. I never observed insulin wet spots on my clothes, however.

It’s amazing how much troubleshooting we have to do sometimes. Glad you figured it out.

.....and fighting with companies that are supposed to help us that we pay.

Thanks so much for writing this review! As a current Animas Ping user who is falling out of warranty, this review was especially helpful to me. The one thing that drew me to the Ping (and that I cannot believe is still a feature other pumps haven't added) is the "meter remote" feature that lets me bolus and "view" the pump without having to access the pump itself. Now that you've been without that feature for a while have you really missed it?

I currently rarely touch my pump during the day but I've had lukewarm thoughts of Animas since starting to use them over 4 years ago and Medtronic at times sounds like they may be "too big for their britches" as the saying goes, though I've never used one. I remember the Medtronic sales rep being pushy and rude when I was choosing the Ping.

Can you explain how priming differs from the Ping and why it takes so much longer?

I understand the Animas Vibe will drop the meter remote feature that the Ping has in favor of CGM so I'm still trying to weigh the value of integrated CGM, meter remote, or neither.


Thank you for your review. I will say I agree with most of your ideas but not all. I am a 66 year old type 1 diabetic and just received my first insulin pump in Septembter 2013. I chose the Tandem T-Slim and I love it. i find it easy to use and I have no problems whatsoever. I can make any required adjustments quickly and easily. So I disagree with your assesment not to suggest the T-slim to a new pumper. Based on the freedom, control and ease of operation that I've experienced I strongly recommend the T-Slim to new pumpers.

In addition, I am very impressed with Tandem as a company. I find them extremely responsive to any questions that I've had. Besides great problem resolution and advice, I am totally impressed with Tandem as a compnay. They employ a large number of their staff who are diabetics that are using the T-Slim. This is a dramatic change from my past work experience. Historically you always hid the fact that you were diabetic so that you would not be put on the company lay-off list. I find the Tandem employee approach very responsible. It also gives you great confidence that the personnel you work with do understand your questions and concerns.


I really don't miss my meter remote. In fact I think twice I was going to wear it in my bra and thought oh yeah... As a guy this probably isn't a big deal. LOL I figured I would just go to the bathroom. I really like the TSMILM after a few months of use. I am confident that I made the right choice. One of my favorite features is how easy it is to turn on and off profiles. Like for the weekend profile for sleeping in.. it takes 1/10 of a second. WOW! When I want to go back to what I call daily, it takes another 1/10 of a second.

As far as priming, it takes longer because it uses micro units and the cartridge system is different. So instead of having a plunger type system which is really just a syringe that you can push the insulin through the line with, the cartridge pushed it through in tiny mirco units. It really takes like a minute or two. I just prime my tubing with my luer lock syringe when I change my cartridge. Frankly, this is probably petty on my part and I am just inpatient. I just got so use to doing it fast that it seems like a long time.

As far as the integrated CGM remote. TSLIM will have it probably by the end of 2014. It will be much easier to read on the TSLIM. I think it's more than worth the wait. I have both devices now and it is alittle bit of a pain but not nearly worth getting a Vibe and waiting 4 years to get a new pump.

Also it's worth noting that Tandem has been AWESOME in terms is customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even look at Medtronic this time because 4 years ago it took them 2 months to call me back and then it was every excuse in the world why it took so long. It's doesn't look like their attitude has changed much, it has maybe even gotten worse.

One last note, some people have said it has to beep whenever you interact with it. It this not true, it has a vibrate function on it for all interactions. I use it everyday. It works fine. If you would prefer it to make beeps whenever you touch the screen you can choose that option.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions. You can also get in touch with your local rep or call Kerri Orr at Tandem. She uses the pump herself and helped me immensely when I had a million questions. She also set up an appointment for me to do a hands on demo.


PS I was in a hurry and didn't have time to proof this post, please excuse any errors in grammar.


I am glad you like the pump. In your case the TSMILM worked great as new pumper but you also have been on insulin for years, I assume. Many new pumpers are younger and the transition to the pump is overwhelming at best. Also many do not know how to handle self dosing well before they get on a pump for a variety of reasons. Frankly, the one major complainant I still have is the adjustments downward based on the hard set 70. My ping was much easier to use in the aspect.

I do agree... Tandem has AWESOME customer service.


Thanks for the review! I am currently on a Ping and love that it’s waterproof because I’ve dropped it into the bath tub twice and it didn’t skip a beat!
I know the T:Slim isn’t waterproof which is one reason I don’t want to switch to it…I’m hoping they’ll make it waterproof soon, especially by the time their bionic pancreas hits the market.
Anyway, my questions.
1–I ALWAYS put the Ping in my bra and never take it out due to its meter-remote. How do you cope without having a meter-remote now?
2–The whole calculation thing…does it not allow you to put your number of carbs in, then calculate your dose? Or put your glucose in and calculate your correction? I’m fuzzy on what’s different about its calculation.
3–How is priming different than with the Ping?


Well as far as the meter remote... you may be out of luck. Someone posted I think it was Travis, on this thread over the weekend that the new Vibe will also ditch the meter remote. I was told this as well. I guess I do miss it when I want to wear it in my bra but I won't go to the horrible Medtronic customer service just to get the feature. I just wear the pump on my pants. If I really wanted to wear it in my bra I guess I would either go to the bathroom or..

Here is an explanation of the reveres correction issue from someone else.

Reverse Correction: This feature is designed to trigger only once you go below 70 mg/dL. We shouldn’t have to get down to 69 in order for the pump to realize we need less insulin! To clarify, if your set BG target is 100, the t:slim will suggest an insulin correction even when you’re at exactly 110. The same should be true for reverse corrections. The pump should be able to calculate lopping off some suggested meal bolus insulin based on an undesirably low starting BG. On this issue, Tandem tells me:
“You are not the first person to request the reverse correction change and it is high on our list. We have heard mixed reviews on all bolus calculation algorithms, including ours. We came up with our existing method based on feedback from our Clinical Advisory Board, and we are working with them and other advisers to figure out the best way to address this so that we meet the needs of as many customers as possible.”

So for me my target is 120. If I am below 120 then I must manually deduct insulin from my bolus. It's a PIA.

I answered the priming question this weekend in a reply to Travis. If you still have questions after reading that then let me know and I will try to answer them.


I know the Vibe won't have the meter remote because I called and asked. That's fine with me for now, but IF I switch, it will be to the T:slim, so I was hoping they'd have a meter remote, otherwise, I'll stay with the Ping because there's no way I'm going to Medtronic.
I always override my pump anyway, so if I ever go to the T:Slim, I wouldn't think that would be a deal breaker. Heck, by the time I switch, they may very well have fixed that anyway.

I just saw your reply to Travis about the priming. I'm still foggy on that--I'll have to see if I can find a live YouTube demo on it. lol I'm glad to hear you love the T:Slim!

On the priming... you can push your insulin through the line with the plunger on the ping. With the tsmilm you have no control over how fast the line primes. The system does it self and it is micro delivery which is slower, but safer for your sake in terms of a insulin overload possibility.. Call Kerri Orr at Tandem. She wears the pump herself, in fact she is on the Tsmilm book. She is super sweet and she will get you an onsite hands on demo. Then you can see for yourself.

I must have a different version of the Ping. I don't have a plunger. I don't have any control over how fast the Ping primes either. In the 'prime' screen, I push "ok" and the insulin goes through the 23 inches of tubing in literally about 5 seconds. Other than me holding the the 'ok' button, the Ping primes itself too. I will definitely have to get a live demo so it's clearer.

I am sorry. Let's start over. Sorry I assumed too much. Opps. I get IV's etc with my port so I flush tubing all the time. Guess I forget that other people don't. Sorry

When you manually pull your insulin into the ping syringe from the bottle with the needle, then you take the needle off and put the syringe into the ping... before you do this you can push up so that the plunger will push insulin through the line instead of priming the line via the ping. I did this all time. I never used the system except for a 1/10 of a second to make it think that it was done. When it started I had already had insulin coming out so I hit ok. It was much faster and I was up and going. With the TSMILM you can prime your own line but you still have to wait 10 units for the default before you can stop it. Does this make sense?