Why is there so limited user info on T:slim X2

Hello to all, Maybe I am at the wrong site but I have been looking for more user information on the T:slim X2 and it seems very limited. I was also looking at the Medtronic 670G. I will have to switch from my ANIMAS pump in 3 months and I was leaning towards the T:slim X2 as it still uses the Dexcom CGM. Not too many people on YouTube provide thorough information or user experience so if someone can guide me to a site that does provide more user experience that would be great as my time to change is approaching. Thanks.

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i am thinking about switching to that pump myself. there are plenty of people here that are on that pump that can answer the questions you have. from my understanding it is touch screen and it has a lock on it so you can accidentlly do anything wrong. it does use the remote on the cgm meaning it is hooked up to your cell phone if you download the app. if you have medicare it wont cover it for some reason. which to me doesnt make any sense. i read the manual on their website to get an idea about it. it seems to be straightforward as far as what it does, etc. again i am sure there are ppl on here that are on the pump that can tell you about their experiences. ive heard great things from others.

Well Amy2 I appreciate your input and I will delve deeper into this site as I may have missed or overlooked the topics of real user reviews or experience with the T:slim X2. I have been on the Tandem website and conversed with Tandem representatives but I know they are also trying to promote their companies product. I have been hearing about how wasteful the T:slim X2 is with insulin in the changing of cartridges, CGM connection failures, alarm notifications for low blood glucose incidents and maybe someone can enlighten me on their experience. Thanks again.

Tim35 thank you for your input. Since you are a T:slim X2 user maybe you can answer a question for me as my interim search has yet to satisfy my query. Have you had any CGM connection issues. Thanks again.

I’m not Tim but I am on the X2 with G5 integration. I have had no integration issues as long as my pump is on the same side of my body as the G5 sensor. In fact, it connects better than to my iPhone. However, if the pump is on a different side of the body, then my body blocks the signal. That is my experience. Others may have different experiences.

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I think the X2 pump has a very weak bluetooth radio to save on battery life.
I have had some issues with it staying connected, so I keep it VERY close to the G5.
On the other hand, my phone will stay connected in the next room over most times!

Agree. I lose signal at night if it is under a pillow.

I was previously using the T:slim G4 and switched to the X2 when Tandem announced integration with the Dexcom G5 CGM. I was a bit nervous going to the X2 after seeing some of the initial reviews where folks had problems with occlusions, but I haven’t encountered a single one either when using the T:slim G4 or the X2/G5.

For me, a huge advantage was being able to have the X2 and Dexcom G5 integrate with my Apple iPhone and Apple Watch. The Apple Watch connection seems to be the weak link in this scenario (it’s problematic about 30% of the time), but being able to glance at my wrist to see my blood glucose value and trend was a game changer. I have an older Series 1 watch, so perhaps things would be better with a newer model. I’d be interested in seeing if anyone using one of the newer Series 3 watches has better connectivity.

All in all, I have no regrets about upgrading to the Tandem X2 and Dexcom G5. Can’t wait for them to introduce their closed loop system.

@Robert14, there is a Tandem pump users group on Facebook with a very large membership. It is a very active group, and you can get good information there.

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@Tim35, thanks for the update. Given the holiday season, perhaps there’s an upgrade in my future.

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Robert, my AccuChek pump is out of warranty, but I’m not updating yet. I want to see how the other closed loop pumps shake out.

I can still get supplies even though it’s discontinued in the US. Can you get them for your Animas pump? Any interest in waiting?

My son had the tslimx2 with g5 integration. We decided on tslim mostly because of dexcom integration, touch screen, recharge capability, and ability to upgrade. We had an issue in the first couple of days using both his pump and ipod for numbers but I think that was a sensor issue. We have had them for over a month now and have no problems with signal loss. He wears his dexcom on the back of his arm and his pump on his waist band with no problem. We haven’t had any occlusion alerts at all yet. This is his first pump so I have nothing to compare it to but we love it. Everything is pretty straight forward. I do know that loading insulin is a little more difficult than Animas pumps but we already have the hang of it. We waste some insulin at the end of the 3 days but that is because my son uses only around 10 units per day. I have no complaints about the day to day use. This pump has made a huge difference in my son’s life. He has friends with the 670 and Animas and they both think his pump is the coolest. :sunglasses: His cousin had animas with G4 integration but doesn’t use the integration because she says it runs the battery down too quickly. I plug his pump in while he is in the shower and we haven’t had any issues.

how can i find the Tslim group on FB. I am a computer nerd. Just ordered Tslim x2.

bahkti lisa

they dont have a specific group on facebook for those who uses the Tslim but they do have a page for the company https://www.facebook.com/TandemDiabetes/

thanks. are you wearing one? I have it on order for next week when I go out of warranty with MM , but nervous about the decision.

There is a t:slim users Facebook group:


Hi, Robert! I have the original t:slim so I don’t have any information on the integration aspect, but I agree that the integration with Dexcom is very appealing, as I really like my G4 Dexcom.

I really like my t:slim. It’s small, and durable (metal unibody for the win!), and I love the touchscreen. I also like the menu layout; it’s the easiest pump I’ve used to navigate through giving a bolus and setting temp basal rates. The screen is very easy to read in almost all lighting (especially in low light), and mine holds a charge for a solid week (and I set a lot of temp rates and use the pump as a light when I have to get up in the dark).

I can also tell you that the cartridge changing process, though improved since I first got the pump, is still a bit tedious. It does irk me that there are 20 units of “buffer” insulin that remain in the cartridge when it says it’s empty. I can only put enough insulin for three days in the cartridge, too, as the insulin tends to “break down” after that amount of time (plastic and insulin don’t really get along, so I do miss the glass cartridges of old, sometimes). The delivery–what Tandem calls “micro delivery”–can take what seems like a while longer, and boluses make the pump emit a low hum that isn’t very discrete. On occasion, I have had multiple occlusion alarms that accompany a cartridge, and sometimes I have concerns that my delivery is not exact. This is probably my greatest gripe. However, whenever I call Tandem’s customer support line, I feel like they genuinely care about my issue; I have spoken to the same person more than once, and it never sounds like they are reading from a script in a tiny booth surrounded by hundreds of other call center employees. It’s intimate, and I never stay on hold for more than a minute or two. I feel like I am helping them improve their product, as well.

I really like the downloadable updates, as that means that Tandem can fix software-related things via my internet, rather than me having to send my pump all the way back to them.

Again, I have the original t:slim that was replaced by the X2, so I would assume some improvements will have been made. Mine goes out of warranty next spring, and I plan on staying with Tandem because I really like the pump and, even more importantly, I really love my experiences with the company. I never got this feeling from Medtronic. However, I realize that is a subjective experience.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me.

Good day SaraYota, first off I want to thank you very much for taking the time to provide me with your personal insight and experience. It’s good to know that I can, we can find a place were user experience related to medical devices that are vital to our quality of life can be found. Being that your device is not the latest but still seeming to have similar issues, you state 20 units is still in the cartridge and you change it every 3 days? That is approximately 300 units a month or 3 1/2 vials per year. Thats over $1000.00 per year if what you state is correct? Thanks again.

I don’t do FB and I never will so does that mean I’m up sh#$ creek. If so I shall look for another pump but I was gravitating to the tSlimX2 as replacement for my Animas with Dexcom

LOL! I don’t do FB either. :slight_smile: Twitter? Yup!