Questions regarding kidney problems

So i know that it has almost been a year since being diagnosed but i have some concerns. I read that even if you take good care of yourself kidney failure and kidney diease are very very common. Is there ways to prevent this or is does it just come with the package? I dont know if I should be concerned now but i would like to know more about it so i am educated. If you know anything about this and can help please let me know.

Hi Samantha,
As a diabetic with kidney disease I want you to know that the diabetes is more new to me. The kidney disease is not I have had kidney problems for a number of years. I have only been diagnosed with diabetes about a year now.
There are almost 23 million diabetics in this country alone. I don’t know the exact statistic, but I would bet at least 3/4 of them do not have kidney disease. There are a lot of older diabetics on here and they are pretty healthy for the most part. A person to talk to would be Richard Vaughan. He has been diabetic for 68 years and is doing well. If you go to the members section at the top of this page, and type in his name you could find his page. He has a wonderful story to tell and could maybe reassure you that having diabetes does not mean you will definitely have complications.
My kidney disease is not from diabetes Please know that by taking care of yourself you have a better chance of being healthy than a lot of other people. My best to you.

thank you so much for that! my prayers are with you. Are you going through dialysis?

Please read this article. It is a bit long and drawn out, but I beg you to focus on his sentence, “diabetic kidney problems are treatable”. Note that Dr. Edelman is an endocrinologist and has had db himself for over 30 years and lived successfully with kidney problems for more than a decade. In addition to having a medical practice, he also tours the country with his “Take Charge of Your Diabetes” workshops.
Keep informed. Knowledge is power.
I have had db for 34 years and my early ones were paralyzed by fear of complications. I thought I was about to drop dead at any minute. It was horrible.
Now, after successfully traveling through a seige of retinopathy, with my vision intact, I realize that sometimes things are much more scary when they’re rambling around in your mind, unsupported by fact.
Best wishes to you.

Listen to Kathey here. Yes There are some concerns with your kidneys but like her I was so afraid of what they said could happen 35 years ago that I was so scared that I never thought I would live passed 30 (drs opinion at that time too. I was 10 when I took Type 1) He also said I would never have children well proved him wrong I now have 2 daughters with 2 granddaughters. I was born with only 1 kidney and have kept going on 1 at 45 who knows what will happen in years to come but keeping my bs under control and all that good stuff (like eating and drinking right) I may be around for those great grandkids!!!

Thank you for the prayers Samantha. I will be in dialysis in about one or two more weeks. This is such a great family. Everyone really cares about each other. And the sharing that we do is so supportive. No matter what the problem or the question you will always find someone on here to help out.
Don’t worry about possible problems that may or may not come. Just handle today and make it as good as you can make it.
Blessings be to you Samantha and great blood sugars too.

I really hope all goes well with you ! Again my prayers are with you . You seem like such a strong person and i know you will be fine. Thank you again and god bless!

Thank you so much for your inspiration! People like you make it worth while visting this website! I am taking care of myself as best of my knowledge working out everday, eating right and keeping my bs under 130 most of the time. thank you again!

Good for you! Sounds like your on the right track here!!!

I’ve been t1 for 41 years, and I think about this a lot too. I try to do my best with my bg and also my bp. I’ve been taking ACE inhibitors for my bp practically since they came on the market, and also another bp drug Diovan that my dr says is good for the diabetic kidney. I also don’t eat a lot of protein, and get my blood tests and urine tests every 3 months. Are you taking any pills for bp?