Do you have kidney problems due to diabetes? Introduce yourself!

If you are having problems with kidneys due to our diabetes, this is the group for you. Let us exchange tips on how to manage urea and kreatinine levels and how to cope with diet regimes.

Well…I feel helpless…

A year ago my microalbumin was jsut above the limit. Last Jan my BUN and Creatinine eGFR started going the wrong way…Next my PCP had moe labs done and off to a NEPHrologist…

When I saw the neph he read me the riot act, (but polite), right away he said TIGHT BS & BP control…and in less than 20 hours the local Diabetes Center called and off to the dietician faster than I can say the title…

A month after starting the new diet, on top of diabetes diet my kidney function was holding. Another month goes by and my kidney function DROPPED again…another month and it was still holding…then I had labs last Fri, picked up a copy of my labs monday…BUN & Cretinine up even higher and eGFR took another sizeable hit, so I knew it would be a topic of the upcomming PCP Doc visit…Then by Wed my phone was righing and ringing…my NEPH was informed of the labs and moved up my next appointment a few weeks…then my PCP called and added more meds to my growing list…

I feel like my kidney function is in a free fall…and I am already doing all I can. My BP is the best in a long long time, and my a1c is GREAT at 5.6 and following ALL my diet restrictions as best as I can, I must be doing better as reflected in the better BP and much less foam (a sign of kidney protein leakage)…

I feel like a run-away train just waiting to hit the diyalisis wall…


Hello, I am new here. I am a type 1 diabetic and was in renal failure. I did 3 years and 24 days on dialysis. I had a transplant in 2007 and now doing well. I still have a few obstacles to overcome but in due time I know I will. Everyone keep in touch with me and I will help you if I can. Been there and done it. I am also an amputee. My sugars are under control and I feel really good at this posting time


Hello… i’m a type 1 diabetic from the Philippines… i’ve been undergoing hemodialysis twice a week for almost 2 years now… it’s hard to find a suitable donor for me and the operation here is very expensive…


I did night time dialysis which was mainly an 8 hr shift. I did 5 hrs 3 nights a week.
When you least expect it , it will come. My crew sat on for 3 yrs and eventualyy 9 of us have had transplants since 2006. Debe

hello im joy and type 2 diabetic pilipina , last march i was hospitalized and diagnosed with kidney stone 13mm im taking acalka and dupastalin , buscopan for gastropathy. due to hardship in our finanacial i cant sustain my medicines same with my daughter with type 1 diabetic. But i know GOD is very GOOD…

Hey there…anyone out there??? New here & really need a hug right now. Am not accepting this latest Stage 3 CKD easily. I don’t mean to seem like a baby but I’m tired of being the consmuate diabetic complication collector. I also “suffer from” (& i intensely dislike that expression btw)…hyperkelimia (sp) so I have trouble balancing my diabetic dietary restrictions with my new kidney kind requirements.Anyone else have this problem.???
Thank you in advance.

Hi Guys and Gals

I was told 8 years ago that I was in the very early stages of proteinurea. My BP has always been fine if not low but I have struggled with my bg for the last 30 years. I have had all kinds of problems but my biggest is now the kidneys.
I was told in March 2009 that I had about 12 - 18 months before I would need dialysis but when I went to clinic in Dec 09 he repeated the same thing so I’m holding out for a while I guess. I just don’t know what to expect when I do start dialysis? I’m hoping to be able to do it at home (don’t know if you guys in America have that option?) as I want to lead as normal a life as possible. I try not to make a big deal of it in front of my friends and family (that know) but I am constantly thinking about it.
I’m trying to be positive about it as I have been told that once I am on the transplant list, they will put me down for a double transplant and give me a new pancreas at the same time due to the other problems I have had / got, but the reality is I’m am frightened.
Thank you to all you guys for being so honest about it because it reassures me that I am not alone.


I was diagnosed with ESRD in May 2009 and started dialysis at the same time. It has been a challenge to stay positive about things but I just take one day at a time. As for home dialysis in the US, it exists but is not the predominant mode of dialysis here, but is growing. I actually hope to switch to HHD or PD in the near future. I can certainly understand your fright over the situation. I sometimes wonder why this happened to me. The doctor tells me that the chronic issue had not progressed much at the time of the failure and that I appear to have had an allergic reaction to something back in May. She is still not sure what exactly caused the acute issue. If I can answer any questions you have please feel free to ask. I’ll try to answer as best I can. Goos luck to you in the future.

I’ve had hyperfiltration for the last two years- my kidneys are hyperactive and my serum creatinine and BUN are low. I am wondering if this has anything to do with me getting stomach aches after I drink water. I am also wondering/afraid of what the future holds. I developed hyperfiltration less than two years post dx.

Hi, I’m E.T., or Everett. (I used to be called Chaplain ET, and the nickname stuck!) Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed by a nephrologist, as being Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (not Diabetes related). However, the reading I’ve been doing, has got me really scared about my future, and like someone else, I’m tired of getting something new wrong with my body, everytime I see the doctor! I’ve lost 1/3 of my lungs due to Chronic Necrotizing Pneumonia, and I’m at the point where I’m wondering, what’s next? Anybody have any advice at this point? Thanks, ET.

ET, I so sorry to hear of your health issues. All I can recommend, from my limited knowledge, is to do the best you can with today.

You are not alone, talk to us when you are ready

Just had my SECOND appointment with my nephrologist, and he told us that he’s re-evaluated things, and it looks as if I’m between 2nd and 3rd stage of Chronic Kidney Disease! That makes me feel a LITTLE BETTER. My BG is higher, in the 160 range, but my doctor doesn’t seem to be too worried. So I guess I’m good for another few months, eh?

I just happened to read in my chart 2 days ago that I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease and no one told me. I’m kinda in shock and could use a good word. My GFR is about 59.

Am in early stages of Chronic Kidney disease. My Nephrologist says I have maybe a year till I go on dialysis. Was sobering diagnosis. I am affraid of dialysis. Not sure how I will handle it.

So sorry Mistercondo. Hope all goes well.

Thanks Peetie: I have found that drinking mostly water and eliminating soda has helped with the kidney failure.

Diabetes is like an octopus. It hits every organ in body. Add kidney failure and it gets even more complicated. If one has both diabetes and kidney failure ones diet get a bit complicated. So I try to even out the carbs and protein. Protein is good for the diabetes and carbs are pretty good for kidney’s. So my doctor said in order to not drive myself crazy worry about both to just try to eat a balanced diet. So I try to do that. Exercise is great help. Doc said not to let my sugar get higher than 200, so I live by that. I should be on dialysis by now so may have delayed it off for a while.

How are you making out with the kidney problem Mistercondo? Are you still doing well?

Hi everyone,
I joined this group awhile ago because the endo told me a couple of times that my kidney numbers were high. He didn’t explain it even when pressed. I think I’m okay but when I read the posts on here, it sounded like everyone was in real trouble. How is everyone making out?