Questions tonight.. UGH

I’m not sure if I messed up or not. I just found a sale on test strips from They have strips that are still good; but on a short date. I wasnt paying attention and put in for more teststrips than I thought.
My question : If the date is good til October 09, will they last longer than that? Should I put them in the fridge to "help keep them longer?"
Please let me know what you think.

I think , you should keep them on room temp …that’s what is done at my Pharmacy .

I always do a high and low control when I open a box of strips. I would say if they come in ok when you do the controls then the strips are okay. But somebody else may have a better answer.

MeadowLark: Please be sure that they are okay, by doing the right tests on them, as described by Sareln. I have been using test strips that aren’t expired and switched to a new set when I thought they were giving me a bad reading…and I was right they were. They aren’t due to expire until January '10…so be careful with the ones that are coming and do the testing for your own good.