Has any diabetic over 35 (diabetic for 32ish) given birth to a child?

I have been married for 8 1/2 yrs and have just begun to really want a child. Now I wonder if my time has come and gone. I know that it can vary from person to person, but I would like to hear a first or second person account of this.

Those sound like my numbers too! My husband and I just got married last summer and my problem is that I can’t get my A1C down below 7. I’m super aggravated, to say the least!

But, in answer to your question, I have a friend from my camp days who I’m pretty sure was over 35 when she had her baby and as far as I know everything is well for them.

I belong to positivediabeticpregnancies - it’s a yahoo group and it gets a ton of traffic. Check things out there - you may get more responses than here.

Good luck in whatever you decide. I often wonder if I may need to let go of my lifelong dream, but it just breaks my heart…

I’m so glad to hear that I am not alone in struggling to get my A1C down! Seems like I wasn’t able to eat anything to even get it that low. It’s very aggravating. Thanks for the website! Please don’t give up on your dream, we need more good mommies out there!

I had my 3rd at the age of 36. I’ve been diabetic since 1996 at the age of 28, and have had 3 successful diabetic pregnancies. My oldest is 10 (I was 29), second is 7 (32) and then the youngest is 4. It was a bit harder at 36 having him, but so worth it. I was already high risk, so what the heck.

Talk to a high risk OB, and get your endo on the team as well. Its an amazing amount of work getting your blood sugars managed and low, but the end result of that baby is all the payoff you’ll need.

Good luck!

Wow - so much has improved since my last post here in late July. Shortly after that post I finally won the battle against my insurance company and I now wear a CGM with my pump all the time. My last two A1C’s have been 6.6 - so I’m feeling much better about trying to conceive! Yeah for persistence and patience! Good luck to others out there who are in my shoes. I sure don’t feel old by any stretch of the imagination anyway!


AWESOME J. DAVIS!! (just read this message now!!)

Please keep us posted on how you are doing!!

Yes. I was almost 39 when I had my daughter. Do you have any questions for me? I even as recently as last year, at the age of 44 was trying to have a child. It is doable. The Dr’s are always going to give you the worse case scenario, but that does not mean it will happen to you.

I was in horrible control when I conceived my daughter. She was unplanned. I honestly thought I would miscarry as I had many times prior to this. I was on injections at the time. Believe it or not, my A1C’s were 5.0 during my pregnancy. The only issue I had was hypoglycemia unawareness. I was single. I had to move in with my parents and keep people around me constantly. There are times when the fetus experiences a growth and consumes the sugar in your body. Other than that, everything went great and it was a very joyful experience. My baby was 9.9% perfect. My mother asked why she was not a 10 and the Dr said because that is not a possible score for them to give. My Dr’s told me I gave them gray hair. I did have a high risk Dr, in addition to my obgyn. Toward the end months, I had to go to the Dr 3 times a week and they would hook me up to a monitor to listen to the baby. It was such a fun experience.

I had my last two children when I was 38 & 40. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 29 (after my 2nd pregnancy which they called gestational - but it did not go away). I was on MDI for the last 2 pregnancies - at the time the pumps were much larger & were not removable unless you changed needles, so I did not want one - since tight control was not pushed as much then, my doc said I could avoid one if I kept my A1C under 7 (which I did - probably in the 6-6.5 range). Both girls were fine - I too had the non-stress & stress tests 3 times a week at the end of my pregnancy (twice a week starting at 7 mo - then increase as we neared my due date) they were both induced 2 weeks early as was the practice then (they are now 21 & 23) - both were fine at birth - though they both did have low blood sugar at first - so maybe better control would have prevented that - and I nursed them both for a year - even after returning to work part time which each was 6 mo old.

Hi hopeful mums!

As far as my last post goes - I sure do feel better about conceiving!! Considering I am almost 8 months pregnant now!! Yep, my husband and I have a darling baby on the way (about 10 more weeks or so). I’ve been working my butt off to keep my numbers in great control (the best they’ve been my whole 33 years with this disease) - with the help of my team (regular OB, endo & certified diabetes educator CDE). I am feeling the usual symptoms of pregnancy (some swelling which makes my ankles and wrists ache) - but I am so thankful for my little blessing, I am filled with gratitude. I’ve posted some of the early ultrasound pictures over on my page.

Cheers and happy baby-ness!

How awesome J! Congrats and good luck! I’m betting baby is nearly here!

Thanks Cara!

Yes baby is almost with us…we’ll be considered full-term (37weeks) next Saturday. I’m counting down the days, as you can imagine!

My wrist & ankle swelling may have been early indications that I was heading for high blood pressure issues. Yep, I’m on bedrest until baby comes, because I am “brewing” preeclampsia. Bummer! Luckily for me it’s progressing at a very slow crawl & (hopefully) I should have no trouble making it to full-term. Baby is still very healthy, as far as we can tell from this side :D. I am thankful also that my husband rocks and is taking such good care of me. I do get up and putter around plus venture out for appts and other small tasks. Mostly, I try to stay relaxed, using a variety of relaxation techniques I’ve been practicing over the years.

I’ll post more on my home page when I’m able! Thanks for everyone’s support.


I had my first baby at 35, second at 38, no problems either time. Any challenges I had during my pregnancies were related to have Type 1, not my age.