Quick analytics question

Of the 23,789 tudiabetes members how many are active? For instance how many members participate in a blog, click on the site for information etc, in a day, week, month, year? In general has there been any analytics performed (overtime) on this site that can be shared?

Thank you!


Hi Steve- For that info you would have to check with the DHF staff and administrators. They take care of that aspect of TuD.

That's a very interesting question!

I found this blog from last year about a few stats


I am a WW2 Navy Veteran. I am 85. I do all the Welcomes every day. I do the Birthday Greetings every day. I read the BLOGS every day. I answer them. I have 21 special friends I write to every day. I guess you could say I am active. I think you might get that info from TU Headquarters. Reed

That would be me Steve