Congrats TuDiabetes!

Sittin' in the chat room yakking away and I looked over...

TuD now has 25,042 members!

Manny and all, what a huge accomplishment! Thank you. 25,042 brothers, sisters, supporters, educators..... Whoopeeeeeeeeeeeee

wow I wasn't watching the member count, awesome! there were about 2000 members when I joined.

If I look at the number of members I see 24,962.

numbers just got updated :)...when I scroll down here the number 25042; when I click on members I read 25042...I can't recall how many , when I joined in 2009 ..but number has become much larger ...fantastic !!

I hadn't noticed the number count either! CONGRADS ALL!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing that to our attention Pup!


There's always a bit of discrepancy (never known why) between the home page badgeand the Members page. But we sure are almost there (already there)!!!

Congratulations to the BIG TuDiabetes family. We all have a lot to be proud of: this place belongs to all of us.

There is a huge problem with that number. I am sure they do not reduce it by the number of people who also LEAVE and delete all their messages at the same time. Lots of people just do not return so are technically members but never bother to log on. Then maybe those who do leave, come back under a different name, so lots of double counting is going on. And the number who are logged on at any one time seems to be between 11-34, so that is a very small participation rate if there are almost 24,962 members.
There are currently 28 members online. Truly active members are likely only a low few hundred.
If TuDiabetes were to find a more accurate reflection of actual active membership the number would be so reduced that it would seriously compromise advertising revenue because at the moment, by saying they have this huge membership TuDiabetes management are actually deceiving their advertisers.
But when we are online it DOES NOT mean we are on TuDiabetes as I am a multitasker and have many windows open at once so while I seem to be online and that is possibly true, as my computer is always on, it could also mean I am somewhere else in my home and even asleep. It does not mean I am reading TuDiabetes groups so I am not even a lurker, as I am doing something else on my computer and just had at some point in the day checked in, but am not on TuDiabetes all the time, but my computer is on all the time.

Hi Janina,

Please notice that it was one of our members, not the staff of Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF), who posted about the size of our community. As the Program Manager for DHF, and the manager of TuDiabetes, I can tell you that no one here has the slightest desire to deceive advertisers with inflated membership numbers. In fact, we turn potential advertisers away quite often because we don't want to clutter the community with commercial interests, and there are LOTS of companies who would love to "get their hands" on this very special group of people.

We at DHF work very hard to make this a safe, respectful and useful place for people touched by diabetes, and we're incredibly proud to have such a large and vibrant community! Certainly there is ebb and flow in participation, and some people join and then decide it is not for them, or join to ask specific questions and participate less once they are answered, but I think our membership numbers are a testament to the good work we ALL do here (TuDiabetes members, volunteer administrative team, and DHF staff) to make this a great community.

Congratulations, TuDiabetes!

Agreed, Emily! And if 25,000 people have read something on TuD one time that helped them, then that's enormous! Hell, if 25,000 people just know that this community is here and that they are not alone in dealing with this disease, that's enormous.