TuDiabetes Reaches 5,000 Members!

I just turned to our Members page to find out we have finally gotten to 5,000 members!!!

Here are some stats from the month of October, so you may get a feel for how much is going on in our beloved community: * We had a total of 63,254 visits from 148 different countries/territories. * We received 36,145 unique visitors, that is a full 31,000 more people coming to the site during October, besides our members. * Almost 6 pages were viewed per visit. * On average, more than 6 minutes were spent on the site per visit.

All these are numbers and great numbers at that, if you ask me. But what these numbers don’t reveal is what goes on during those visits, during those 6 minutes spent by visitors to the site on average (whether they are a member or not)

What these numbers don’t show are the loving messages of support and the thoughtful sharing of information that we see every day. These numbers don’t reveal all the learning that is going on, all the stacks of questions that patients are now going back to their doctors with, effectively becoming engines of change and propagators of best practices. What we don’t see in these numbers is the hope that we all feel when we finally realize that we are not alone and, for those who have recently been diagnosed, that diabetes is not the end of your journey, but the start of a new way of living your life.

Dear family of TuDiabetes: as always, I am honored to serve you and I thank each and every one of you for your support and participation in the community. YOU are the ones that make this space so great for so many people touched by diabetes.

Big hug to you all!!!

WOW!! strength in numbers…this community is where it’s at!

Amazing. It would be great to show the growth in members and traffic month by month.

Good job Manny for getting this going.

You can see this progress in the TuDiabetes Status blog:

Awesome! :slight_smile: I truly appreciate this community. You guys have helped me on some many levels on understanding not only the long term affects of this disease, but emotionally coping with the day to day trials and complications.

Truly Awesome !!!

I’m one of the new members that joined in October. Manny, let me say thanks to you and the other helpful people on this board. I have learned quite a few helpful tips on TU and look forward to being able to help others.

Manny…I secretly filled your name in as the presidential candidate on my ballot last night. Even though you didn’t win, I still appreciate the hard work and the very existence of this website. Thanks!

LOL!!! :smiley:

Wow … its amazing how much this community has grown in the past year alone!

Fantastic site, fantastic people and, of course, no other site has fantastic Manny - no wonder people love this place!!!

TuD is such an amazing, wonderful place to be! If someone is in need, the family gathers around them; if someone has good news, the family shouts out “woo-hoo!”. The art and the poetry are fantastic. My a1c is down since I joined! We love you Manny!

Wow! 5,000 members!!! Yeppie!!!